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F800R vs Monster vs...

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by Rajinator, Sep 24, 2012.

  1. Greetings all,

    The time is coming to pick a new bike, and I'm quite torn. The b/g is that I haven't ridden for a couple of years (been o/s), and preceding that was riding only a few times a year - mainly because it was Cagiva Mito, and whilst it worked it was great, but… it was Italian.

    What next? Well, by heart I'm a sports bike rider… But, I really don't want to be a tosser who's bike is far more capable than rider (ok - I realise this applies to 95% of bikes out there), but it seems worse riding a sportsbike.

    The main use will be as a commuter a couple of times a week, around the city & 'burbs. Maybe a few trips down the coast in summer, and the track in a year or so.

    The MV Agusta F3 is quite tempting - but I've got my issue with riding something like that, right now. In a couple of years, I'm pretty sure I'll be getting the smaller Panigale (if/when released). Obviously, I haven't learnt my Italian lesson very well.

    For the meantime, I'm tossing up between a few options. I was considering the BMW F800R or Ducati Hypermotard 796. But, high on my list is ABS (I know this contentious), but I'm quite set on it. Which is ruling out the Hypermotard. But, does open up the possibility of the Monster 796. Which, I've previously never really liked.

    So, any thoughts would be appreciated - F800R vs Monster. Both are more than capable of what I want/need. There are different things about the look of each that are both positives & negatives for me.

    One of the killers for me last time was the service I got from the shop I used, so that's a bit of a worry for me too.


  2. monster 796 abs is a good bike, but...

    it's like 17k new, and pretty rare used, and still commanding 14k+ used for a late model low ks one...

    not wise.... unless u really love it, sounds like you're indifferent!

    Over that, i would suggest the aprilia shiver 750.... about 13-14k new, and a similar v-twin bike, that to me, looks better, and omits belts in favour of gear-chain cam drive...

    save on servicing, and almost eliminates the risk of valve on piston collision... that, and the air cooled 2v L-twin really isn't that great a performer for the cc's and the price... monster art is cool tho, if $$$...

    i'd even go the brutale 675 over the monster...

    again, over that there are a range of jap bikes for reasonable money, fz8, gladius, striple, etc

    it's mainly a matter of jump on one is see what you reckon rather than what other netriders perfer!

    get on it!
  3. I like the f800r, but for the money I don't think they are special enough. Brutale B3 sounds like a bike for you.
  4. As above, consider the Aprillia Shiver Sport 750 ABS. Going new for $13800 + ORC here in Melbourne.
  5. Nuda 900R.

    Bonkers bike. The bike the F800R Should have been imho.
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  6. I loved the F800r as well, until I rode one...
  7. Yamaha fz8?
  8. have you test ridden anything? If you havent ridden for ages, why not got a cheaper bike maybe a VFR or a naked bike, get used to the riding and bike again then upgrade to maybe a new bke in 12 months time?
  9. For the money they charge and the quality they offer, I'd be very reluctant to part with my money for anything that says Ducati..
  10. Luckily they make Hondas for blokes like you.
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  11. Hahaha you can smell these posts from a mile away Blabs....
  12. Hopefully taken in the spirit it was intended.
    My list is bulging,but still a couple of vacancies.
  13. ^^ LOL true true :))
  14. is that the hit list of yours??? :D
  15. Frontal lobotomy list.
  16. You sir are acting like a fanboy, while my observation about Ducatis is purely based on objective opinion.

    I keep my options open, the very reason I walked into a Ducati showroom to see the bikes that I was considering upgrading to after my P's, but was utterly disappointed by their quality. The only quality bits that I could see were 3rd party i.e. Brembo brakes and Ohlin suspension.

    As for Hondas, so no doubt they build quality bikes, a fact that is universally known (don't take my word for it, browse the internet, or better still, walk into your local Honda dealer to see and appreciate the quality of their bikes). And not just quality bikes, they have a very sound technology to back them up as well, look at MotoGP - the supreme race class, it doesn't get any better than that - and see how Hondas walk all over Ducatis day in and out.

    That said, I have nothing against Ducatis (or their fanboys).. the moment they start building quality bikes like BMW and Honda, with performance to match, I will start considering their bikes, even be ready to pay the unreasonable premiums that they charge for their not so quality bikes at the moment. Until that time, I'm savy enough to not just follow the herd and perceive something as a quality product just because some fanboys think of it so.

    P.S. And everyone is entitled to their opinions, you have yours while I'll have mine ;)
  17. If unreliable issue prone bikes are in the list then why not add the Benelli 899 into the mix. I believe the quality and reliabilty are improving since being manufactured in China. If it rides anything like my old Cafe Racer its a blast; when its running.

    And, for reference, Im now on a modifed BMW F800S. As a commuter its great but if you're leaning towards sports and have any sporting pretentions bikes steer clear. In honesty Im a little disappointed coming from the Nelli but it fit the budget.
  18. I'm on an FZ8n and have been for over twelve months. I'd definitely recommend test riding one if you want a bike that'll commute and scratch a little on the weekends. It's no super sport but they're comfy and have accessible torque that'll keep you smiling.
    It's a bit of a jack of all trades on a budget really.
    I upgraded the suspension, put on some sticky rubber and threw a slip on on it and couldn't be happier. Only downside is, it's not built for two up.
  19. NAK-do you have any experience with the two bikes being discussed,let alone ducatis or beemers ?
    I doubt it.
    The OP doesnt need the opinion of a CB400 rider about hondas.
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