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F800R or Street Triple?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Danhendo888, Apr 10, 2016.

  1. Hi,

    Just looking for some final thoughts and opinions from some of you Naked motorcycle riders, as this is my first Naked bike purchase.

    I am pretty much decided between buying either the BMW F800R or the Triumph Street Triple. Any thoughts regarding the bikes are welcome.

    Is there anything which would sway your choice to one bike over the other?
    (Due to, for instance, recalls or known issues for a particular year's model etc)

    Other bikes which I was considering but later abandoned: CB500, GSR750, MT-07

    Thanks :)
  2. I rode the Striple, and felt my nads where constantly being pushed against the tank under any sort of braking load. I am also eyeing off somewhat the F800R, so will follow this thread, Although I have yet to ride one, but seen one today advertised on Bikeslaes from a BMW Dealer, so maybe off for a test ride later this week between breaks at work :whistle:
  3. Before u buy a street triple ride a speed triple. The extra capacity and torque of a bigger bike make for a much easier ride IMHO
  4. MT09.... :p

    In all seriousness I know people that ride both and swear by both.
  5. I've looked at both of these bikes in the past. For me, although I didn't end up purchasing it, the BMW F800R was a better choice. More comfortable riding position, some nice factory standard accessories already in place (heated grips etc). Both do have pretty good reputations for reliability. The Striple is somewhat more sporty ride and riding position, the BMW is a bit less so, but I'd find it easier to live with if you are riding most days. The BMW has more factory options available too, like electronic suspension, tyre pressure monitor, luggage etc.
  6. My vote is obviously going to be for the Street Triple R. Handles like a dream and has all the power you'll need on the road.

    The MT-09 goes alright too. I rode Barters81Barters81 's bike on Sunday. Even with a dodgy rear tyre, it is deceptively quick around the bends.
  7. go beemer..

    BMW F800R is on promo sale price of $13,999 ( incl options Dynamic,Traction package etc), have you test ridden so far ? and able to negotiate better price ?

    Roadside Assistance is included as well (2yrs).. my mate is looking into it at this stage and learned from him regarding price n specs..
  8. No guessing which bike I want to mention.......

    What's your budget?

    What made you decide on either of your two final choices?
  9. This is a no-brainer, tbh.

    If you want a bland bike that's easy to ride day in day out without getting all excited and remaining flacid, then the BMW is for you.

    If you want a bike that's just as easy to ride, offers sublime and class defining performance when pushing on, has character in abundance, soul to match, and gives you half a mongrel every time you roll the throttle on, then the Triumph is for you.

    It's lighter, has more power from a stonking good motor, a chassis that's hard to beat and is as easy to ride as any other bike on the market... The Triple is killer

    I rode an F800 a few weeks back, and I almost fell asleep on the damn thing. It was a snorefest
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  10. Depends what you want to do. Street Triple R is brilliant in the twisties. Less fun for touring but manageable. Very strong rumours the next one will be closer to 800cc if you can wait that long.
  11. I did two back to back test rides on Saturday - S1000R and Street Triple 1050R - I know they are different models to the ones you're interested in but to me they were chalk and cheese and the BMW was a mile in front for the same price. I'm guessing the F800 will give the same result when compared to striple.

    S1000R owners please share your thoughts
  12. Depends what you're doing, if you live in the hills, go the streety, if you need a better rounded bike go the F800r.

    Of course, as always you should just ride them both and decide for your self, opinions are like fishy smells....
  13. Took Street Triple for test... zippy yes, a little jerky through gears but I chose the F800R..... super comfortable riding position, a nice commute and does twisties fine too.
    Maybe not the best looking bike, I bought a 2013 model. Later model had awful color choices but a solid bike and ride. Love the heated grips!
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  14. bravo - good choice
  15. I took a 2011 F800R for a test ride last week, It did nothing for me. Geared very very high (well at least compared to my current CB400), idles at probably 20kph, so would be a major pain in the ass for slow speed city work in my opinion. Lots of vibration too. Pegs are also pretty high. Gave it a miss. Would choose the Street Triple over it any day. My 2c.

    And Chilliman64, think comparing the S1000R to the F800R is a stretch, they are far apart on the build and budget scale.
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    I have been led to believe from the UK forums that the S1000R is a better bike than the Street Triple. Handles as well but with more power. So there's no dispute it a great bike. But I can break the highway speed limit in first on my triple and it doesn't take long to get there so I'm not sure I need the extra power.

    If I had a lazy $22,000 I'd get a S1000R.
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    I never found it to be " brilliant" in the twisties.

    Capable, yes, but to be honest I thought the suspension let it down a little even though it is billed as upspec compared to the garden variety Streety.

    I also found ground clearance an issue, scraping pegs much sooner on this bike than I had on previous bikes or any I have owned since, but then I am over 90kg fully kitted up so perhaps the issue was that I am not a jockey. I had wound up the preload though so it should have been ok. Obviously my mad cornering skills have something to do with it as well! LOL
    Haven't had that issue with the two bikes since then though. A 2013 Tuono and my current ride the S1000R.

    I suppose it depends on your perspective and past experiences though.
  18. yes mate they are indeed different bikes but probably comparable as they are both next level down from S1R and 1050R but by same manufacturers. I think the BMW product is better product than the Triumph where similar pricing is concerned. let me say though that I am no expert but I do have an opinion on everything. ;)
  19. I'm going to say the Beemer, only because it seems every second bike on the road is a Street Triple nowadays.

    Honestly though, both good bikes. The Trumpy is faster, looks and sounds better, and is a bit sharper in the twisties. The F800 is more comfortable while still being moderately entertaining (although it's a shame they didn't pinch the 315deg crank off the Nuda 900 while they owned Husqvarna). It it was me, I'd buy an MT09 and throw the change at the suspension and brakes.
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  20. I'd be going for the Street Triple, and if you're looking for that extra capacity wait until next year when the Striple releases with an 800cc motor.