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F650GS Dakar

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by Stubbsy, Apr 18, 2006.

  1. G'day

    I was wondering how good the factory BMW F650GS Dakar was as an off-road bike?

    Does anyone have any ideas or thoughts?

    I want a good commuting bike, but want to do a fair bit of off-road riding and touring.

    Thanks for your input.

  2. As far as reviews go (i have no personnel experience) it is one of the best multi-purpose bikes out there. It is quite competent on road and can hold it's own off-road (touring/travel not MX style)
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  4. I'd say it depends on your definition of "off road" - if you mean gravel roads and the odd bush trail I'd say it would do a beaut job.
  5. I have lived with one (F650 dakar) for the past 2 years (bought new in 04), iv'e ridden on the road since 91,including zzr250, 2*zxr 750s, xr 600, vfr 800. I can confidently say the 650 dakar has been the most enjoyable bike iv'e owned. I have had it off road although mainly open and maintained, nothing too demanding due to major injuries to both legs 3 years ago aboard the vfr 800.....Bit heavy for true dirt use, will only do 175 kph flat stick, with tent, beer, food in the panniers and top box fitted..., but that will get you locked up anyway. I have got 400 k's out of a tank (3.2 L/100k) from glouster(Taree NSW) to Wollongong without stopping, and still felt good enough to spend a couple of hours washing it afterwards. Servicing is simple and inexpensive (i do all my own servicing), doesn't chew tyres (10,000 ks and still plenty left), i have also spoken to people who have owned them (earlier models) for years with 80 to 90,000 ks and a couple of laps around oz with no probs/still going strong mechanicals. To sum it up a bike that will do anything well although nothing outstanding, although their was that one time when an R1 race pilot stirred me into action coming down Maquarie Pass (near Wollongong), he gave up trying after a while.....
  6. i was looking at one of them , but after seeing one i would hae problems keeping it up.
    And the top speed is same as my 250 hornet. So im now looking at a Ducati multistrada 1000ds & 1000s ds.

    liked the r1150gs but Waaaaaay to big for me.....pisser.
  7. My Dad has one, and I had a fair play with it over xmas time. They are a very comfy, if not the worlds fastest road bike. The factory luggage is very good, and the seat is comfortable for days on end.
    Off road, it's very capable, as long as you remember it weighs about 200Kg. An experienced off road rider (not me) could get most places on it, but compared to the Yamaha XT 225 I have (4 stroke single) weighing about 130Kg, it's pretty hard work off road. It's well suited to a mix of on and off road, but avoid the big rock hopping trials riding :grin:

    All in all, a very fun bike to go about anywhere there is some remnant of a road. I had a great time on it, and would recommend it.
    People seem to love the RS1150 and 1200 GS BMW's, but they would likely be even harder work off road as they weigh even more again. Neither of these bikes are especially "nimble".
  8. well my dad has one, and although Iwouldn't take it bush bashing it is great for the ride a round Aust and "go down that interesting looking track" type rides.

    it is heavy but he tours pretty well on it, I've ridden it a bit and didn't mind it. Also look at a Transalp as it is similar but different engine, depends if you like v twins or not.

  9. Yes the Transalp is the other to consider, little bit better power delivery due to the V twin, although less fuel economy and less suspension travel alledged in test articles. Summed up as a better toy for the more road orientated rider...