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NSW F650 BMW seat, rear shock and front tyre.

Discussion in 'Free To Good Home' started by Its the Pleats, Oct 23, 2012.

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  1. Hi,

    Just cleaned out the shed and found some bits that came with the 2 F650's i've owned.

    They are free to whoever wants them. If you can't pick them up i can post them to you but you have to pay postage.

    The seat came with my old 2000 F650GS. Apparently its the lowered version. It doesn't seem to have any marks or cuts, it probably hasn't been on a bike in it whole life, just been carted around as a spare. If your seat has some cuts in it and you were thinking of getting it fixed, come grab mine, might do the trick.

    The tyre came with my F650 funduro. Its a Michelin 100/90-19. Its probably old calendar wise but again, i don't think its been on a bike. Handy spare?

    The rear shock has been on a bike! The previous owner of my F650 GS had swapped it out for a better one and gave me the old one when i bought it. I couldn't tell you how many kilometers are on it but i'm guessing it was working fine when he pulled it out otherwise he would have just binned it. It's a Showa B019 if that helps. It has the pre-load knob attached and also has a small braket.

    I'm in inner west sydney. My number is 0421082258.

  2. damn that shock has gotta be heaps better than the stock DR650 shock, I wonder if it would fit on. could you upload a pic of it and would you post?
  3. ImageUploadedByTapatalk1350968542.670914.

    Here you go. I could post it, sure, if you're keen let me know and i'll get a price for you.
  4. awww dude could you measure it from the top eye to the bottom eye?
  5. Geez, do you want me to fit it for you too?!? Just kidding, 310mm.

    The top hole is 10mm and the bottom is 8mm (just using a tape messure).
  6. damn, sounds a bit too short, dr650 stock shock is 455mm, sorry for wasting your time dude
  7. Meh, no big deal.

    Somebody else may be wondering about the size too.
  8. I could be keen on the shockie if you still have it and wouldn't mind posting it. I just have to check the size to see if it would fit my rg250.

  9. Gidday buddy! If Stevo doesn't end up taking the shockie, I'll gladly make use of it.
    Let me know how much it'll be to post to 2444.
  10. Gday stevo, i'm happy to post it but i'd get you to pay for postage thats all. Let me know if you're keen otherwise renegade can have it.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.