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F3 Northbound.. 90 in the Rain Now ? (Update)

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by kazjim, Jul 25, 2005.

  1. Coming home with the family in the cage yesterday, i noticed that the 90 Zone just north of the hawkesbury river has a new set of signs.... something about a new Speed limit effective 1 August.....

    Anyone have any information ?

    Also noticed a Fixed camera about halfway through the 90 zone too .....

    Nice, spend all that money on a revenue raiser, when we could have another 3 coppers out on the roads actually helping to keep us safe...


  2. So, No One else has seen it ?

    No Ideas ?

  3. you be in a cage mister

    the rest of us on bikes are bypassing that strip of freeway!
  4. Nahh, i commute every day on the VZ on the freeway...

    just took family to manly.. they dont all fit on the pillion seat !
  5. Ok, got a sneak preview yesterday, seem that the stretch between the hawkesbury river and Mt White will be 110 in the dry, and 90 in the rain......

    Hmmm, I wonder how they will police that one....

    Wondering if the camera will be "Rain operated" or "Human Operated"

  6. so as soon as the rain stops and even though the roads are wet , you can then do 11o?
    what about when its drizzle , thats not rain
    or when its a storm , thats not rain .
    what do they constatute as rain ?

    i can see this going to court debateing the word rain and peoples perception of what rain means.
  7. bollocks

    the electronic signs will not display two different figures side by side. It doesn't matter who sets the limit or how it is done remotely - if you are doing more than what the sign says, the camera will ping you for it.
  8. he didnt say it was an electric / radio controlled variable sign , he just said a sign with 2 differant speeds for 2 differant conditions.

    we have 2 speed sign areas , school zones
    40 between 8;30-9;30 and again in the arvo .
  9. and that is the only example on main roads.
  10. Bonox - welcome to my confusion.....
  11. some bridge signs (old sleeper type )
    also some road work areas (time dependant / whilst road crews are working)
    and certain areas (like schoolsbut built up areas ) that have high traffic flow speeds for cars and seperate speeds for trucks have had 2 speeded signs dependant on time .

    thjey are not new and have been around before , a lot arent used any more because of the litigation reasons of doulble speed signs , but until electric variable they were not the only ones.
  12. they are not general signs - they are all specialist applications.

    and what bridges have different speeds based on weather or time of day?

    trucks speeds have been around for ages, i'll grant you, but they aren't changes in speed based on weather like this new one - only a maximum based on vehicle weight
  13. i have seen in the past bridge single lane country type with sleeper bases 30 in dry 10 in wet
    accompined by a slippery and ton sign as well .
    (old sign , but they did exist ) and in some country areas still may exist .
  14. ok, fair call - bit different to a brand new, resurfaced 10 lane divided freeway (including breakdown lanes)
  15. i know , i was just be perdantic .
    :wink: :LOL: