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F1 to become pale imitation of its former self...

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by rob_, Dec 13, 2008.

  1. Honda gone, others to possibly follow, so massive cost-cutting to take place. Refuelling banned? No tire warmers? Limit on the size of your windtunnel? WTF?!?! What about those teams that already have huge windtunnels? are they expected to build a new smaller one? wow, that'll be cheap... and banning refuelling and shortening races will surely reduce the spectacle. bloody ridiculous.

  2. Too many restrictions. I lost most of my interest when they announced their engine freeze. Then they were talking about an uniform engine supplier, which would have killed it for me.

    F1 was always about the amazing technology imo. I loved the high revving engines in ultra-light chassis with super fast gearboxes. The current FIA president has completely different ideas - he loves his faux-green technologies such as KERS (kinetic energy regeneration), together with cost-cutting in the wrong places.

    That is why F1 no longer appeals to me.
  3. The best thing about F1 of late has been the nazi bondage rooting sessions.
  4. i reckon this year has been one of the best in a very long time.... not sure how things will go in the next 3 years....could be good (current crop of drivers seem a lot more pushy then in previous years) but 2013 with new fuel systems (aimed at road traffic does sound interesting) and what f1 should of been doing all the time :)
  5. :shock:

  6. is this guy for real?

    has he lived under an anti-technology rock his entire life?

    Max Mosley, you have now skyrocketed to #2 on my sh*t list
  7. Not nearly enough IMHO. Have they done anything about putting the 'sport' back into it? I mean, will there be any more on track battling, rather than in the pit lane?

    HUGE restrictions on aero, then expensive wind tunnel research won't matter anyway. passing won't be compromised by the 'dirty air' issue. It'll go back to mechanical grip which is more entertaining, more driver-critical and safer.

    The other changes I'm OK with.
  8. Bring back the days when GP drivers had about the same life expectancy as Battle of Britain fighter pilots I say.
  9. No refueling?!?!?!??!?!

    That blows chunks!!!!!

    They tried that a few years ago and the pit stops were boring as bat shit.

    Now they will need to fit larger fuel tanks which will add a weight penalty to each car unless they cut the race distance.

    Sure cut costs but don't destroy the sport.

    I wonder where this "Market Research" is being conducted.

    The no tyre warmers will be a doozie, having to control your right foot when you nail the fcuker the minute you enter the "course" during your out lap will be rather pleasing to the eye :grin:

    I don't mind the A1GP where all drivers are handed pretty much the same "tools" and they battle it out with the most skilled wining the races.

    Medals instead of trophies? :shock: The system is in place now to award the drivers with the most race wins. Sure there are points awarded, certainly notching up the most race wins at the end of the season is an easy enough change.

    Have a points winner and a championship winner at the last race of the year.

    As mad an F1 Fan that I am, I'm starting to think that Max has lost the plot.
    Then again, FOTA are agreeing to the changes it seems :(

    What it looks like on paper will be a very different thing on the track at Albert Park.
  10. A1 IS an interesting concept, and the execution is good too, but NO-ONE'S WATCHING......
  11. Thanks to it being shown exclusively on PoxSmell :(
  12. i propose:

    keep a controlled tyre
    and that is all.

    blown V10's pumping out 900 horses
    no engine restrictions
    400kph machines
    no traction control
    as many engines as you want
    unlimited development
    every team for themselves
    lets see what each manufacturer is capable of

    lets make it fun again.
  13. I agree last season was pretty good.

    The move from aero to mechanical grip is a good one. The best thing they did was get rid of the driver aids, it's better to watch now. KERS is no bad thing and will mix it up.

    Wind tunnel/refuelling I'm not sold. The main thing is they can;t get rid of innovative technology - that's what the punters love along with the spectacle IMO. Otherwise we might as well watch the Carrera Cup.

    BTW they announce the new BBC commentators. MArtin Brundle is coming over from ITV, Eddie Jordan is commentating, as is David Coultard (should have seen that coming) and also MURRAY WALKER will be doing some sort of duties (at 84 year old :) ) I'm suspecting not full race commentary, probly just some sort of 'expert opinion' intermittently throughout the race.

    I'm hanging for the season to get underway...granstand tix for Albert Park :woot:
  14. And Holly Samos to replace the lovely Louise Goodman ;)

    I'm hearing ya. I should be back in my old spot for the next race.
  15. One thing I am definitely in favour of is shorter races. I'm too damned old to sit through two solid hours of stultifying boredom.
  16. :?: I thought Channel Ten was going to continue to show Formula 1 live free to air on HD as it did this year?

    If not on Ten HD then on Ten 'ONE' or whatever:

    from http://www.news.com.au/couriermail/story/0,23739,24566281-5016380,00.html

    I bloody hope it is on there. We have torrents automatically download themselves for qualifying, but we want to be able to watch the races live dammit. I shall never (again) pay money for a company that still broadcasts ads and repeats things ad nauseam :evil:
  17. My comments related to the A1GP not the F1
  18. [​IMG] .......riiiiight.......noooooowwwww I get it........phew.
  19. F1 has been a pale imitation of itsself for a fair while already, mate.