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[F1] Schumacher cheats.. again.. what's new??

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by hornet, May 28, 2006.

  1. http://foxsports.news.com.au/story/0,8659,19282827-23770,00.html

    And eloquent words from one of his intended victims

    "Villeneuve, 35, who now drives for the BMW Sauber team, said: "You cannot win seven world championships and do that. It is unacceptable. It shows that every time in the past that he has done something like that and people have given him the benefit of the doubt – that makes it obvious."
  2. I was watchin the live timing on the qualifying last night and when it happened i wondered if he may have done it on purpose. Both Webber and Alonso were on flyers!

    Great to see Mark on the front row anyways!!
  3. Ooooooh look...................there's a tall poppy! Ready........Aim..........

    As if all the others are angels.
  4. yeah, right, every other world champion has barged someone off the track to win or protect his championship. Brabham and Fangio did it all the time........
  5. I love it where it says "the track at monaco is virtually impossible to overtake on."

    YAY FORMULA ONE! What an exciting spectacle racing can be when it's free of those unseemly overtaking moves.
  6. Unfortunately the thing that makes him a 7 time champion is not just his undisputed talent behind the wheel it's also his absolute ruthlessness on the track...I was a huge Senna fan and he was ruthless too...many drivers have won championchips without resorting to such tactics but the truly great, with the added pressure and higher stakes are willing to do whatever it takes...even if that means bending/breaking the rules of sportsmanship and fair play.

    It it fair?...hell no but with the $$$ and their reputation at stake some will do what others wouldn't
  7. They're all show machiavelian, you have to to be successful.

    There aren't too many people who are highly successfull that dont show high mach traits.
  8. I think I'm beginning to just feel embarrased for him...
  9. I havent actually seen the incident so hopefully they show it before the race tonight. Its a pretty big call for them to say he did it on purpose...

    If he did id be interested to know what was goin through his brain, pretty crazy thing to do when he was almost definately gonna be on the front row anyway...
  10. No stupider than trying to ram Villeneuve off the track with several million people watching......

    Senna started this, and Schumacher saw that Senna got away with it, so why wouldn't he??
  11. I haven't seen it either, but it seems like a move that would put Schumacher himself in some danger. Would it be worth doing to preserve pole position? Seems pretty risky.

    Then again - he's in a real tussle for the championship this year, and Monaco's a nearly impossible place to pass. Maybe he's beginning to feel the pressure and this is a sign of that?

    Schumacher's a remarkable driver, but the incidents with Damon Hill and Jacques Villeneuve go a long way toward explaining why I don't admire him.
  12. I just saw it and I tell you, it looks as though he locked up a front coming into the turn and had to stop to avoid hitting the wall.

    Also, he didn't look like he was stopped on the racing line to me either, could be wrong, but with what I just saw, this is a witch hunt.
  13. I saw a quote from Senna once. He knew that he could set a faster lap if he took the last corner at some crazy speed. Except that he'd lose control of the car and crash. Seeing as the F/L was just on the exit, he thought he'd give it a go.

    He got pole.
  14. Wouldnt have mattered im assuming yellow flags would have been out so the guys have no choice but to back off...

    They must be pretty sure it was done on purpose though to hand out that kind of penalty..
  15. I hope Williams have built a car for Webber that will survive till the end of the race. Front row at Monaco gives him a decent chance of winning, and he needs to come up with some good results asap.

    In most races he's either unlucky or accident-prone, and he's talented enough to do better.
  16. I think seein Mark win a GP might be the only that might take my mind off Danny losin the fight for at least a while, dont think ill ever get over that :cry:
  17. It would be easier to accept if he acted in this manner all the time but he really only does so when placed under 'extreme' pressure...the real test of character.

    Keep in mind that there is a huge difference between being on pole and being on the front row at Monaco - particularly if there's a Renault on your left. :)
  18. Just saw the replays of the incident from several angles, including in-car.

    Gee...that was a big call from the stewards. Schumacher locked up his right front while he had the wheels turned to the right for the corner entry. He unwound steering lock just as the tyre regained grip, with the obvious result that the car ran wide.

    There must have been something else they picked up from the car's telemetry, because I don't know how they could say it was deliberate from the pictures alone.
  19. Maybe he did stuff up but then thought bugger it i will stuff everyone else up to.