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F1 pre season summary

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Gustlik, Feb 25, 2008.

  1. A rundown from pre-season testing. My views.

    Still one test session to go but there already seems to be a clear enough picture.

    Scuderia Ferrari

    Very strong. They have dominated in all aspects of pre-season testing. Good reliable car that during the course of the season will only get better, its Ferrari's strength.

    Kimi - has really found his feet having won the title last year; more motivated then ever and now fully incorporated into the Ferrari family.

    Massa – some old Massa. Fast, but still lacks something that can make him a number 1 driver.

    BMW Sauber F1

    Do not expect a similar performance to what they had last year.

    The new car though faster is very twitchy. The team is having difficulty utilising its full potential.

    Still the third best team, but this year they will have Renalut and Williams closer on their heels.

    Kubica – New car and new rules seem to suit him more then they do Heidfeld.

    Heidfeld – Mr Consistency. Enjoying the challenge of the traction control ban, however not making as much of it as Kubica.

    ING Renault f1

    Struggling. Expect them to have problems in the first half of the season till further development kicks in.

    Alonso – Personal oppinion, I cant stand the guy. He is fast but hasn't got the car this year. Will continue to stomp his feet and cry that the world is against him.

    Piquet jr. – Newcomer. Not impressed, but he is new so I will forgive him. Needs some more time and experience.

    AT&T Williams F1 Team

    Williams have picked up their game with the 2008 car and have drastically closed the gap to BMW.

    Strong performances throughout the testing calendar. Shame they only have one driver.

    Keke jr. – Damm impressive, Nico has definetly grown in the last few seasons. Great investment by Williams, one that will start paying off.

    Nakajima – probably ok as a test driver but a stupid choice for a Race Driver.

    Red Bull Racing

    Have wings this year. Probably the biggest movers in pre-season testing and for once the cars seem reliable *knock on wood*

    Webber – Opened up a can of whoop-ass. He has finally got a car worthy of his talent. I would go as far as to say a podium or two for this guy. He has proved over the years to be a fantastic qualifier, now he will have a car that can hold that gain in a race.

    Coulthard – Just as impressive as Webber.

    Vodafone McLaren Mercedes

    The number two team after Ferrari.

    Hamilton – Being showered with awards, expect his helmet to be twice the size of everyone else’s. We know he’s good though.

    Kovalinen – McLaren design their cars for Fin’s as far as I am concerned. He’s fit right in and has shown some impressive lap times. Expect him to be right up there in the fight with Hamilton.

    Honda Racing Team

    Ross Brawn has already given up, so should all the Honda fans.

    The Rest

    Ownership changes expected as usual down the ranks. Toyota will keep pouring money into the team without eeffect.

    For those F1 fanatics:


    Try your luck at managing a team.
  2. interesting opinion you have there

    mostly agree with you, but i recokon Ferrari will run away with the title this year, and for some reason i see McLaren will have a few reliability issues this season allowing a few of the smaller teams mostly bmw, renault, and maybe even the red bull and williams all in the scrap for second best team.

    Anyway guess will wait and see how it all unfolds
  3. who cares? the races will still be decided in the pits, like always. give the championship to the pit crew and save millions on drivers.
  4. Hehe, right on.

    There hasn't been much racing in the past decade :(

    Still last seasons finale was exciting.
    At least the banning of traction control will provide for more of a spectacle and will seperate the boys from the men.
  5. Paul, you're just old :p

    Last years season was a ball tearer.

    Ferrari will not run away with the title this year. They will have to fight for it.

    only 18 days to go............ 17 for me ;)

    BRING IT ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!