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F1 overtaking {Possible Spoiler}

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by hornet, May 11, 2009.

  1. After decades of processions and races being won in the pits (Villeneuve's 'round the outside on Schumacher at Estoril a notable bright spot) it takes 'our Mark' to pull off the most breathtaking overtaking manoeuvre in memory at the Spanish F1 GP last night.

    As the race went green I thought that he had missed the pace and was falling back in to Alonzo's clucthes, and so it proved to be. But what followed was just awesome 'you can pass me but don't expect to stay there' stuff.

    I dips me lid to the boy from Queenbeyan!!
  2. imo he is a unrated driver, probably not the best driver but is certainly better then half of the field imo......i have been loving F1 this year, the races are still interesting after the start :grin:
  3. he's a legend. not only in the seat but also in his community support.
  4. Finally having a competitive car and team is starting to pay off for him and his team mate who is no slouch either
  5. as long as people stop running into him its happy days..
  6. I remember when he was with Jaguar...he had soooo much bad luck. Hopefully luck is on his side this season. BTW, who else is loving KERS this year? Makes for some interesting passing manoeuvres!
  7. Yes i think it's great this is what the elite level of racing should be doing, not building a one off super light wheel nut and carbon fibre everything, they should be forcing development of interesting and new designs that in time will feed down into general population, new motor designs, fuels, kers battery packs..... though in saying that i am against driver aids (traction control, stall converters etc....) :p
  8. Video?
  9. can't find any video of it just yet, but i have it on the toppy at home so will convert it and post it tonight (if i remember how too) :?
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    Webber did a similar ovetaking manouvre on button in the wet during the race china to take his 2nd place, good to see him in fast car and giving it a go. can see the china overtake at about 54 secs in this clip [media=youtube]aFmkpJ9E0Uo[/media]
  11. yeah, if someone can post the clip it would be great; I was holding my breath and yelling at my wife to watch at the same time!!!

    Channel Ten's Sports Tonight didn't show it, typical, the highlight of their coverage was the first lap bingle and the Ferrari retirement, yay team :roll:.
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  13. oh yeah, Mark drifts him out to the grass, Alonzo drives out his line and Mark takes it straight back again at, what, 170mph??? just fabulous
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    Didn't take long for that clip to get taken off the shelf :(
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    i reckon :(
  16. Channel 7 News showed the last part of the incident, but typically it was before that that the real action occurred

    are the F1 race telecasts ever replayed?
  17. Wednesday night 13/05/09, 7:30pm one hd or one digital , the race will be replayed.
  18. Don't miss it if you can!!!
  19. Thanks mate
  20. I have to admit I've been a MW fan since his Yellow Pages sponsored days in Formula 3000, but with his bad luck, my mates and I started calling him one-corner-webber.

    I'm so hoping that in his first year in a really competitive car he can out do his team mate, which he has in every other team that he's driven with. After all, that is the goal of Formula 1. If that makes you world champion, that's just a bonus :grin: