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F1 Leading the Way?

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by cejay, Mar 15, 2008.

  1. I used to love F1, stayed up late nights etc...then it became a procession, all driver aids and fuel stops, no overtaking and cars that looked like slot cars that never moved off line.

    I just finished watching F1 QP and what a revelation! TC and other driver aids removed, the drivers now have to drive their cars, they move all over the place, they power slide out of turns. Awesome. It was immediately obvious that (as Brundle pointed out), they can no longer plant the throttle, they have to manage the car through the whole corner.

    Motogp, take note. In another thread people are in awe how Schumacher can take a GP7 to within 5s of a lap record. Although we assume that Schuey can't ride (I think he's ridden for years) I want to see a sport where bikes require awesome skill to ride. I want to see power slides, mono's, bikes misbehaving.

    Is it so ridiculous to ask that Motogp bikes have some of their rider aids removed? I don't want to see launch control, anti-wheelie control, fuel maps that change when the bike is mid corner, traction control that allows a rider to go WOT mid corner.

    If they don't do something, grids of 18 riders will get even smaller.

  2. Just finished watching too. How exciting compared to last year. So nice to see drivers actually having to drive the car and let it all hang out in order to get up the front.

    I think F1 may have finally turned the corner (for now) in the quest for some equality across the feild. As in all categories of racing; he who has the most money wins, but there seems to be a lot more cars alot closer to the pointy end. It is only the first race though. Would be nice to see in Moto GP too as you say.

  3. I agree with you.
  4. Racing is safer in Motogp with traction control. Less riders are highsiding at huge speeds now.
  5. High sides more or less disappeared with the 4 strokes and their more manageable power delivery.
  6. Casey Stoner actually made that comment about the traction control making it safer from highsiding. Its on the motogp website in one of the news articles.
  7. I'm absolutely positive he's correct, but highsides since 2002 have been a rarity. And TC has only really come of age this last couple of years.
  8. I told you bananas that the sport is getting better, closer and more exciting.
  9. Today will tell, won't it.
  10. No procession there today, I don't think... And even though I'm not a big fan of the fella, I've never seen anyone step out as many times and not lose control (and that's without TC) as Alonso did. :shock: If that's the new F1, bring it on!!
  11. Very exciting race, it was all happening. I watched a race last year and found it a bit boring. All the passing was in the pits. Now I see drivers making mistakes causing them to be passed or lose time.

    I feel sorry for the frenchman in the torro roso in his first GP with the engine blowing up coming 5th in the last few laps.
  12. It might be the same interview published in AMCN where, from memory, he goes further to suggest the field would be more spread out if TC was removed.
  13. I'd agree with that, the riders wouldn't be able to push as hard into their passes, and would have to wait longer till they get a better opportunity.
  14. Or more likely, that riders who manage and preserve tyres will be able to overtake.

    125's don't have TC and they seem to be quite close.

    There is comment that all the aids have made the 800's single line bikes.
  15. Yeah, Cliff. I miss the 500s
  16. Bike racing used to be more exciting... but it was more dangerous too.

    F1 had gotten too clinical, I don't think MotoGP has gone that far yet. It's still got an edge to it (even if not as much as it used to have).

    But yes todays race was the best F1 I've seen for ages!
  17. :grin:
    awesome race to watch, was amazed at how many people DNF but i must say i was actually getting into it as they showed the onboards of drivers correcting slides out of corners

    hope it can stay this way for a while to come.
  18. Alonso??? He's a little b!tch!! He just couldn't handle a gun rookie in his team who had been developed by the owner for years, for obvious reasons! Hamilton's foot was in the door a long way before Alonso's was. Though, it's never a good idea to put two top drivers in one team, you always need a first and second string. If you were McLaren who would you honestly pick? Hamilton will be the next Schumacher, i think he's going to walk away with it this year based on the performance of the Ferrari drivers so far. Plus he's not used to traction control either.

    Back to the traction control, it definitely sorted the men from the boys didn't it! There should be zero driver aids besides your left and right arms/legs. And if you're worried about highsides, then you shouldn't be racing!!! (you'd have to be a loon to race bikes anyway!! :p )
  19. So, he's a two time World Champion joining a team with an established principle of not having #1 drivers.

    As for helping the car get to the top, Hamilton was their test driver and would have been very involved in the development. Alonso would have had 2 months over Christmas and the New Year to input into a car that would have been developed mid 2006.

    If he truly was a champion he would have obliterated Hamilton with his driving skill and tactics. As it was, he was overshadowed from the first race and spent the whole year trying to play games with a driver who was successful and popular with the team.

    There is no doubt he an awesome driver. Just about all the paid drivers are. You don't get to be a double World Champion without reason.