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F1 Hoon.

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Day, Mar 27, 2010.

  1. At what? He's a f1 driver. Schumacher once did a similar thing in German where he was running late for his flight and asked the cabbie if he could drive. The cabbie later said it was the ride of his life. He copped it though. These guys are programmed to drive fast.
  2. Jesus, that's just f@cking embarrassing for our bloody police department. Pack of tools have no idea of discretion.
  3. No it was more due to Awe. Are you a "glass is half empty kind of person"?
  4. Oh that's cool. I thought you were bagging the driver for what he did or for the cop for pulling him over. Both were just going about their business.

    Which are you?
  5. I'm generally a glass is half full kind of a person. :D

  6. I think that may be a bit harsh given the circumstances. From what I read there were a lot of witnesses. A marked van was there. If they had looked the other way they would have been criticised. If they were seen to pull him over and then not do anything they would have been criticised.

    I'll give it to Lewis for maning up and taking responsibility for his actions:

    "I was driving in an over-exuberant manner and as a result was stopped by the police,'' Hamilton said.

    "What I did was silly and I want to apologise for it.''

    From this update: http://www.heraldsun.com.au/news/fo...ng-car-impounded/story-e6frf7jo-1225846192192
  7. really? manning up! I'll bet my left nut his PR spin team/lawyers told him exactly what to say. you know, say the right things, what WE want to hear, before you know it we've forgotten all about it.
  8. Fair call. I forgot that celebrities have things like PR teams. 8-[
  9. The more the reason I'm embarrassed to be in Victoria with the ridiculous laws and the brain dead sheeple who follow these stupid laws.
    Just read the comments left by some of these sheeple.
  10. I'm actually impressed at how many people on the Herald Sun website are actually leaving sensible remarks. There are the odd few wowsers calling for cars to be banned and kittens to be hand fed lentils and soy milk, but generally the comments are surprisingly astute for a change.
  11. an impounded car and a 600$ fine. thats money from his shirt pocket:LOL:
    The pommy lout could atleast add a few zeros and donate 60 million to the vic gov revenue and get all the plods on the roads off our backs:D
  12. Post of the year candidate!

    It's a sad state of affairs when a F1 champion gets penalised and chastised for having the rear wheels intentionally lose traction. Yet a GD police officer, in the course of their duties is allowed to run red lights, exceed the speed limit, hold a phone to their ears, have their arms potruding out of the window and generally misbehave. And as Tramp has pointed out, to be acting in the course of their duties requires them not to show either lights or sirens. Not sure about you, but I'd rate the driving skills, reaction times and general overall ability of even the person who qualified in 24th over that of a GD police officer in a normal van or car.

    And there's even a road safety advocate suggesting that he should be excluded from the GP today. How utterly, utterly pathetic. What a shit awful, risk averse and crazy World we live in. It's driving me nuts.

    Funny thing is, as I get older, I am getting more and more annoyed at the basic things that are gradually being removed from us. I should be getting mellow and slower, but instead I want to do the opposite. Is it me, or do others of my age (wrong side of 40) feel the same?
  13. Victoria the 3AW State
  14. :WStupid::WStupid::WStupid::WStupid:
  15. I pissed myself laughing when I heard this on the radio. Victoria has gone nuts. I think il catch a plane down to moto gp rather than ride.
  16. :nopity:

    He broke the law, he got what he deserved. Keep our children safe, put him in gaol and throw away the key.