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F1 GP - Anyone going?

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by Knightrider, Mar 2, 2005.

  1. Just wondering if anyone is going to the F1 GP over the next four days?

    I have credentials from work allowing me access everywhere except the F1 Paddock (behind pit lane), Pit Lane and the Track.

    If you're going, let me know so we can catch up.


  2. Yep, Yep, Yep....... I managed to get corporate tickets to the caterpillar stand......... :D :D :D

    Only for Saturday though :(

    We could catch up somewhere if you like.
  3. i got saturday tickets at benwigo ?gengio ?fendigo ? stand........ via work yay.
  4. The Fangio stand is on the front straight! Lucky lucky bastard!!
  5. Cool. Will pm phone number.
  6. I've PM'd you my number.

    Cya there. :D
  7. i was wondering where abouts my stand would be :D :D

    lol how hard is it to get the fangio tickets? i got 4 day ticket but i only get to used it on the saturday.. gah
  8. Ill be there for all four days but i'll be working.
    I have access to everywhere but I only stay in one spot.

    I have the second highest credential in that place :D :D

    But I'm sorry I can't get any of you in or even close to where I'll be for the 4 days.

    You wouldn't want to stand next to me either, pit lane is so bloody noisy and cars drive past you at 100km/h :)
  9. You're Ron Dennis's body double? :LOL: :wink: :LOL:
  10. hahhahahhahahha, at least You didn't say Frank Willams or Peter Sauber :)
  11. Nah, Schumacher's umbrella girl :LOL:
  12. smee.... I am going
    on Saturday
    Corp joint... Turn3
    lunch entertainment dancing girls
    race car simulator and real racing out the front

    only problem is..........
    NO BIKE PARKING at the GP :(
    oops there is, if you ride a pushie :x
  13. What you talking about Willis? Wouldn't want to be in Pit Lane? Hello?? I am the only here who is a freakin idiot (don't answer that)?

    Pit Lane would be ace!!

    *mumble mumble*, jealous, bastard.... *mumble mumble*

    I suppose I will just have to be happy with standing anywhere along hte track fence line (even restricted areas) :D
  14. Yeah, and I'll just have to be content with all the free food and booze that I'll be getting in the corporate box. Taxi, taxi anyone know where I can get a taxi. :D :D :D :D :D :D :D
  15. There was an advert in todays Herald-sun that there is Motorcycle parking

    There is NOT
    GP - Corp tell us it's a miss print

  16. Saturday is the day to go. You get heaps of local races and the F1 Qualifying to watch.

    As for me I'm there (just got home in fact) working as a Flag Marshal at Turn 11. This is my 20th Australian F1 GP :shock: I only missed the first one in Adelaide by starting in this caper a few months too late or I'd have a perfect score of 21 GP's. Heaps of people who work the 2 Bike GP's at PI (I don't) also work at the F1.

    You will see the usual bike stunt stuff between events and I noticed today they've added a Harley to the team and it looks "interesting" seeing something like that up on it's back wheel as high as he gets it :shock:

    Oh, make sure you're near a big screen when the V8 Utes are on the track. Those guys are nuts.
  17. Pretty good day.
    Escorting people out of pit lane for most of it.
    Sneaky bastards were coming in from everywhere.
    I rekon I walked 20 km for the day up and down pit lane.
    It getts good from here on in.

    Knightrider, if you are there at the end of the day SMS me and I'll try and get you a walk down pit lane., no promises but I'll give it my best shot.
  18. Well just to prove it's not all 4 wheeled action here are some of PVDA's pics of the stunt bikes at play in and around Turn 11 today.

    http://photobucket.com/albums/v260/pvda/2005 F1 Stunt Bikes/

    If I get any more good one's tomorrow I'll added them but don't expect much on Sunday night as the GP Office puts on a very good party for the volunteer marshalls and I won't be home until late, very late........ :D :LOL: :) 8) :p :wink:

    Oh vic, you didn't kick my nephew & I out of Pit Lane late yesterday so you're not doing a very good job :p
  19. PVDA - I have noted where to find you on Saturday and Sunday!!

    VIC - PM me your phone number and I shall make that call!!

    As for everyone else - I MIGHT have some official GP lanyards to spare.... (the things that hang round your neck). First in, first to score one! (depending on how many I can get)
  20. Hey Robyn, I'll SMS PVDA to make sure he's nice to you..he's harmless..no, really :p :D

    Hmm.. I wouldn't mind a spare lanyard if you get one! :)