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[F1] BMW to leave Formula 1

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by cejay, Jul 29, 2009.

  1. From Crash.net

  2. might this include the superbike progamme as well do you think?
  3. Let's hope not, they're making good progress there. Though it's indicative that companies just can't throw that sort of money at ventures that don't provide a return in some way.

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  4. It is sad, very sad.

    But unfortunately, it costs big bucks to circulate around a circuit and even more bucks to lug everything around, around the world and pay all those staff members to be there.

    I see first hand how money is virtually "no object" everything is thought of in F1 racing, everything, the sport is full of obsessive compulsive people where everything must be meticulous or it's not F1.

    Sadly I see more and more manufacturers pulling the pin on F1 :(

    I love the sport, more than any other sport out there and I will cry like a spoilt fcuken brat if and when the circus stops coming to Melbourne, I'll be down $1600 and the best "seat" in the house.

    Lets hope that the GFC sorts itself out quickly and things return to normal, not just in F1 but everywhere.
  5. Not surprised in the slightest.

    F1 is a money pit, and true glory is hampered by the rules and regulations of the grand turd, Bernie Ecclestone.

    Car manufacturers should start their own kickarse races, where it doesn't matter what your car weighs or how much fuel it uses, or how many races the engine lasts: who crosses the finish line first, wins.

    That is entertainment.
    That is viewers.
    That is your advertising.
    That is where you will sell production cars based on reputation and prestige.
  6. Its a shame...... I had toyota picked as the next to walk.
  7. There's an interesting chat going on over at a Formula 1 blog. Basically, the manufacturers have no passion for racing and can come and go as they please. Obviously, as F1 fans they are concerned that their sport is suffering from the GFC quite badly. Lots of talk about how BMW bottled at the first sign of adversity.

    Then again, they lost US$500m last financial year and there is no reason to really assume that next year will be massively better. As an aspirational car brand, they make a lot of their money from people wanting to buy their cars who are stretching to afford them. They struggle even more so when lots of people fear for their jobs. A car maker has a principle responsibility to its shareholders. With poor results and no guarantee that next year would be any better, they are almost duty bound (in tough economic times) to cut back expenditure that isn't serving some purpose.
  8. you cant really blame them I suppose.

    Looks like my BMW Robert Kubica cap is going to be redundant.
  9. No great surprise, really. F1 stopped being a sport and became a business years ago, and, as such, those involved have long since given up trying to justify it as anything other than big business.

    Businesses come and go and we are seeing F1 imploding. The spat over the new rules, the cost-cutting measures and the numerous threats about a rival series are all just window dressing. Everyone is just rearranging the deck chairs on the "Titanic."

    Hopefully the fiasco that is F1 will similarly sink without a trace.
  10. Gee that's a bit harsh. F1 has it's problems and it's far from perfect, but for those that love the 'sport' and are passionate about it (read almost everyone who works in it or watches it regularly), they will ensure that the sport lives on in one form or another. Sure, with the money involved you have to treat it like big business, which it is, but it's still about the people involved in the end.
  11. F1 needs innovation. Stuff that translates to the real world.
    imo F1 was on the way out at the end of 88', the end of the turbo era. Nowadays they all use small, ridiculously over-square (e.g. 39.7x98 mm) V8's, a design which would be practically useless in the real world.

    I want to see newer designs and differences between teams. Something uniquely ferrari, uniquely BMW etc.