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F1 AGP linked to MotoGP?

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by mjt57, Jul 11, 2009.

  1. I understand that as a major event, the AGP comes under the same umbrella as the F1 AGP via the Major Events Corporation. (For some reason, World Supers doesn't).

    Now, if we lose the F1 GP, will the bike GP be jeopardised?

  2. Hope not.
  3. I'd imagine that it's also Dorna's interest to keep a round in Aus to keep a "global" image for championship (though we all know it's more of a European series with a few fly-away events).
  4. Pretty well much the same for F1. I know that they often don't consider the season to have "properly" started til the first of the Euro rounds.

    But at least it's genuinely a world series, unlike the baseball finals in the US.
  5. F1 gets around $35 million from the State each year for the Albert Park Event.
    MotoGp and Superbike get around $9million to run their events @ PI - nice little earner.
    Fox and Cameron families make heaps and stiffle goverment funds to the areas that would support all codes of motorcycling in Victoria.
    Time for a big change.
  6. Maybe

    Maybe someone is or hopefully not skimming the MotoGP fund to keep the family fund going forward - would love to see a complete reconcillation of how the state goverment funds are used for the two events.
  7. Why would F1 have any impact of the Motogp? They are two independent events that are managed in Victoria by one state entity.

    Contracts with both are separate and receive government support in order to make them viable to the rights holder.

    And I'd love to see the Max Walker try to get out of the F1 event by using an absence of Ferrari. Bernie would not allow that.
  8. I don't know and it's why I asked the question. I've read somewhere that somehow they are linked, but am unsure of the details.

    Depends on what's in the contract. If a significant number of teams withdraw then there may be grounds to terminate the contract if we're not getting value for money. And Ferrari being one of the most popular teams it would mean or could mean significant losses due to fans not rocking up and maybe other sponsorship losses.

    Anyway, Bernie's always threatening to take it elsewhere unless we run it at night. Fine, Ron, tell Bernie not to slam the door on the way out.

    Just leave the bike races alone is all I ask.