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QLD F U Qld Transport

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by Samboss260, Apr 8, 2013.

  1. Just needing to vent ....

    So the story starts that I went to Qld Transport last week to check what date I can upgrade to my R Opens. Now the "RE Opens" effective date on my license says 22rd March 2012. So by looking at the license it appears that I got my RE Opens then, but I actually took the RE Opens test on 21st May last year.

    Somewhat confused, I went to Dept Transport last week to get the proper date in May that I can upgrade, get my opens and ride my new baby (which I can't legally yet do). The lady checks my license, checks the system, and checks the systems again. And responds "You can go now for your R Opens". I replied "Are you sure?". "Yes" and she even double checked with another colleague. I also reminded them that I thought it wasn't until May, but they said "No, computer shows 22rd March as the start day of your RE's".

    Sweet !! I went off and did my R Opens Q ride course, passed and went to Dept Transport this morning to get my new license. Now I have heard of this happening before, where Dept Transport have mixed the dates up and it happened to someone that I know. He didn't question it, he promptly got his license.

    So back to this morning. Guy processing the license all good, and gets to the end and says "No, you have to wait until 22nd May". I expalined the situation, the two ladies from last week and every thing. He just said, come back on 22nd. Nothing he can do. To say I was pissed was an understatement. I asked how long the Q ride certificate was valid for, and he didn't know and asked someone else. They replied 6 months. Now on reading the fine print on the certificate, it says 1 year. So Dept of Transport know jack of their own rules.

    I'm about to go into the same Dept Transport office to talk to someone else, and see what they have to say.

    Feeling really pissed at the moment
  2. Welcome to beauracracy. Got to love government departments.
  3. Good luck with it!
  4. That is pretty poor. At least the Q-Ride certificate will be valid in May.
  5. Had different yet as inconvient experience with vicroads short of a long story bike accident and bent frame, engine still good spare rolling chassis in garage.

    Called vicroads and over the phone told me transfer of registration OK with a rwc and sighting by then.

    Put good engine in chassis etc, unreg vechile permit to get rwc all went well...

    Til I took bike to vicroads and they said rego belongs to chassis not the engine so new registration required and cash in old rego, despite what they told me over the phone.

    More hastle than I expected but got there In the end
  6. Be careful what you stir up at TMR. You signed a statutory declaration to say that you were eligible to do Q-Ride and so technically they could go you for a fraudulent declaration. Like wise they could claim that the certification is required after the May date and the paper you have now is worthless and you have to do it all again.

    I am not taking their side as the whole dates on licences in Qld is just a joke. What I am saying is the six weeks from now is not a long time to wait given the alternative possibilities.

    The effective date is the date of your TYPE of licence and is not related to class. Which means your bike licence picks up the same date as you car licence. When you get your R licence please note that the effective date will also be 22nd March 2012. The real date will be invisible to you but the police can see it. So please remember the other restrictions you will have on your R for the first twelve months.

    The whole system needs a major overhaul but that isn't going to happen in the current political climate.
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  7. Gotta love a government "system". Designed for them, not you...

    I would just wait the six weeks and be done with it. If you fight it and you get a prick, it could be worse rather than better...
  8. Thanks Psycho II, point taken. I did not fraudelently sign anything, I went based on the information that I was given byTWO Dept of Transport employees, all based on a "funny" effective date on my license.

    I did go back, and calmly stated what had transpired up to this morning. They agreed and could not explain the effective date on my license and admitted that it was confusing. They also could not explain why I was given the incorrect information on Friday by two employees and they apologised for that. Everything I have is valid for another 12 months, so all I have to do is turn up on the 22nd May and get the new license.

    Still frustrating when you are given incorrect inormation and that nobody seems to be accountable these days.
  9. +1 to this. I've just gone through the same upgrade and if it wasn't for making a note of when I did my RE assessment I wouldn't have known when the time for upgrade was i.e It wasn't noted anywhere on my licence.

    System is average at best.
  10. What a shamozzle ... the database must have been designed by the same tools who did the health payroll debacle :rolleyes:

    You can't even go online and check o_O so much for the 'smart' state LOL
  11. Very average. But on one point it is not the date of your RE assessment but the date you go to TMR with it. Sometimes that's the same day but it could be anything up to twelve months.
  12. Good point on the date of having it approved at TMR.
  13. Next time a signed piece of paper from the employee may help.

    But TMR is annoying to deal with.
  14. i am curious if this is counted under the consumer law?

    there is something in the new revision (last year or two) that basacally says that what the salesperson says can be taken as a guarentee...
  15. Been through similar twice with NSW RTA,had to pay twice what everyone else was paying for Historic rego and no mater what I said nothing could be done.Until written evidence was obtained,and then I got a refund for the couple of years it had been wrong.I hate to say it but ask to speak to a manager and get it in writing if any doubt happens.They get it wrong a lot.
  16. Just frustrating being ill-advised, then they do not take responsibility of their advice.
  17. How does consumer law apply :confused: a license is not something you buy like a new phone :rolleyes:

    If the OP was that concerned that the TMR was in error a simple phone call to the provider of his RE course would have cleared up the issue ... Forgot when he did it? LOL and excuse me being cynical :whistle:
  18. True, such is life
  19. QT systems are notoriously archaic, they will probably keep bouncing you around and waste more of your time. Any chance to get the Qride provider to post date it to May when the time comes? You did pay and pass etc, they would understand how stupid QT is but will depend on how flexible they are.
  20. Its annoying but probably not a huge deal, so long as it won't cost you any extra money, unless you had plans to upgrade your bike within the next few weeks.

    At least once you get your opens life becomes a lot easier, its just renewals and interstate transfers you'll have to worry about!