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F.S VFR400 race/track bike

Discussion in 'Archived' started by blaringmike, Dec 4, 2010.

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  1. Great little bike. Setup for PCRA and St George. Buy it and start racing straight away :beer:

    For Sale Vfr400 1992 race/track bike in NSW.

    Price- $5000 with spares, stands, wet tyres on rims etc etc.

    Owned for 2.5yrs, great bike, proven to be reliable, makes good power (61HP, with sheet to prove),suspension setup by RB imports for 75-80kgs, good tyres (1 race meet old) everythings ready to go to the track or race meet.

    Oil+filter changed frequently.
    Bike starts and runs fine, has open carby setup (HRC spec) and carby tray. Doesnt get passed by other 400's and holds its own around the track.

    Nice light and quick bike, i have had alot of fun racing and trackdaying this bike and is fun chasing the bigger bikes at trackdays

    Spares include, Set of rims with wets and disks. Subframe, race exhaust and mufflers, sprockets to suit a variety of tracks + lots of odds and ends.

    Also comes with tyre warmers

    Everything you need for a cheap trackie with low ongoing costs, tyres last me atleast 3 race meets (thats 6 days on the track).

    Damage is due to a slow lowside at wakefield park, never had a major crash, few marks from kitty litter on frame and dent from handle bar, doesnt affect bikes handling or performance in any way

    Apart from the cosmetics shes an unreal bike. I have fibreglassed the damage up, all it needs is some filler and paint and will look top notch again

    feel free to whore this to other sites please as i need this gone

    contact me on 0430290555

    Cheers, Tim



  2. Blaringmike,

    Nice bike indeed ! Just a quick reminder mate of the rules pertaining to Bike Sales here on Netrider and edit your ad accordingly to avoid it being deleted.

    BikeSales posting rules are as follows:

    The following is not allowed in the Netrider Classifieds' forums:

    * Posts that are 1 or 2 lines with no details
    * Posting links to eBay ad's (or other classifieds media) for items you are selling
    * Images within signatures

    This classifieds section is not intended for people to promote or link to your existing ad/auction on another site.

    You must include full details of your bike - model, year, rego, condition, location, price, accessories, etc.
    Your text must not be in capitals to draw attention to your ad. Failure to adhere to this rule will have your posted deleted as soon as it is found and no explanation will be offered

    Posts that are 1 or 2 lines with no details will be deleted. Posts that promote your bike on another classifieds website will be deleted. We do not allow promotional posts for your other auctions/listings.

    Thanks buddy.
  3. Fantastic bike. First round of PCRA is Feb 6. Now would be a great time to pick this up and get yourself ready for a year of fame, fortune and loose woman.
  4. Great looking bike mate, a head turner. I'm sure it'll sell in no time.
    Oh, and thanks buddy (y)
  5. loose woman you say huh I'm sure there should be interest in this now.
  6. Price dropped to 4.5k
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