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f&*$'n Sump Plug

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by cb..arrrgh, Feb 25, 2005.

  1. Ok so I decided to change the oil on the ol cbr tonight, and all is going well until I am putting the sump plug back in.

    A dodgy new torque wrench, with a heavy mix of stupidity, and a few beers to boot (should've started AFTER assembly) means I have now stripped the thread on the sump plug hole.....totally!!! After some advice on the best course of action next, well after drinking away my misery for the rest of the evening that is :(

    Any advice on the best course of action to fix this problem would be greatly appreciated, seems like I can re tap the sump and use a bigger plug, or get a dodgy universal sump plug which seems to involve plastic, or go to the extreme of a new sump....

    Anyone else been this silly/got some advice to fix this situation??
  2. over size bolt if you can find one, a bloke of another forum has used a helicoil and thats held well.
  3. why are you using a torque wrench to do up a sump plug, a normal spanner will do fine. torque wrench is major over kill...

    just get it re taped it'll cost ya about $30
  4. Yup i'd go the helicoil option ,
  5. thanks for the tips guys, yeah it was a bit of overkill with the torque wrench, was following the workshop manual as this is my first oil change on the cbr and had too many beers to think common sense!!! Anyway will take the sump off this morning and try the helicoil option...
  6. So.....how much did you torque it then? (a bit p*ssed and overset the torque???)

  7. Yeah waaaay too bloody hard, turns out in my hazey condition I was reading the wrong side of the new torque wrench, which I really didn't need to be using at all!!! After removal and inspection of offending sump, there is a lovely hairline crack on both sides of the drainage hole, local mchanic reckons I must've been trying to be superman or something with how tight I must;ve had it!! :oops:

    Ohh well another $150 down the drain for a new, could've welded it he said but might've been a bit dodgy so happy to play it safe with a new one....

    THanks for the tips anyway...