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F#$%@$# muffler

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by 87crisis, Jul 30, 2011.

  1. just noticed this morning after having a all too eager nephew wake me up to show him the bike started up that i've got a hole in my muffler at the start of the cans on right side (i know side doesn't really matter here)

    is it possible at all to bodge it up i'd give my best guess at the hole being maybe an inch...two at best (hard to see as it's at the bottom)

    or does anyone know where i could pick up right hand gpx 250 mufflers on the cheap?

    ahhh....AND the question following that which i presume is a no but just to clarify - if i am forced to get a replacement muffler for right hand side do i need to worry about re-jetting ect ? or considering it's the same setup it's not an issue
  2. What sort of a hole ? Is it rust or does it look like it was a purpose drilled hole at some time ?

    Some mufflers have a small hole at the lowest point to help with internal condensation etc.

    Perhaps post a pic before you panic and go out and waste money on something you don't really need
  3. LOL Fail



    VVV and the left one (which is fine..)VVV
  4. Your talking about the hole in the 1st pic right ?
    Cant see much in the 2nd pic at all, [ too lrg and slightly out of focus ]

    If it is the 1st pic , totally normal and nothing to worry about, both that hole and the V section is from factory.
  5. *nods* second pic is of left muffler - nothing wrong with it...an yes apologies for the quality of that picture....and do understand i felt like a stupid **** after seeing the pic blown up and seeing how perfectly circular it was..lesson learned...dont post on this when half asleep and not sure yet
  6. theres no bodging that up. you need a new one Captain tightarse