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Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by NiteKreeper, Dec 31, 2010.

  1. Back on the bike this morning for the ride to work - she's been in the shed for a week while I've been drinking/painting...
    To my ABSOLUTE HORROR, my belly now touches the tank !
    It's been a good Christmas I guess, but I think it's now time for my first diet EVER...

  2. Do this, it works no side effects and cheap as chips..

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  4. I've also read the link you posted but being a gov site they do go overboard. In that same breath do some more search and you will see much more positive reviews than negative ones.

    As an example smarttraveller gov website is advising people to reconsider travelling to Indonesia but that doesn't stop people from going to Bali or Jakarta.

    Exercise and above would be an even better combo.
  5. Eek

    From wiki:

    Sibutramine (usually in the form of the hydrochloride monohydrate salt) is an oral anorexiant. Until recently it was marketed and prescribed as an adjunct in the treatment of exogenous obesity along with diet and exercise. It has been associated with increased cardiovascular events and strokes and has been withdrawn from the market in the United States,[1] the UK,[2] the EU,[3] Australia,[4] Canada[5], Hong Kong[6] and Thailand[7].
  6. Hehe if I was after an appetite suppressant, I already "know a guy..."
    And if it were my chin touching the tank, I'd already be there!
  7. Yep, I learnt a long time ago theres not going to be any more festive treat seasons for me. I just pack the weight on so easily.

    Eating a basic diet of fruits, veg, meat and diary, plus exercise is a tough and boring, but definite way to lose weight.

    For a long time I cut out alcohol, but then I discovered the joys of premium small brewery beers. I like really dark and thick stouts which happen to be some worst culprits of packing on a gut.
  8. I can't really blame the xmas period unfortunately, I've been packing on the pounds for some time now and I know the shame of the gut resting on the tank despite my jacket trying to corset it in. From what I have read I should be 13kgs lighter than I am now - for shame.

    Anyone interested in forming an NR fat camp comp? The loser has to agree to trade their pride and joy for a HD.
  9. Yeah I'm in. I have a hyosung so I have nothing to lose.
  10. That's kinda what did it for me - it's hot today so I was squidding, and as soon as I got my feet up I felt cold steel through my t-shirt...
    Back to my usual regimen of fruit salad breakfasts, and no beer on a school night.
    Next week...
  11. On a brighter note you could be in the situation my wife and I spotted going through town where a gentleman (loosely used term) had bits other than his generously proportioned belly touching the fuel tank of his motorcycle.

    The body part and ride combination that featured in this most disturbing visual?
    His arsë and a CT110 Postie!

    ...and for clarification, no he wasn't one of ours - if he was he wouldn't be able to carry a mail load much bigger than a stamp in order to make SWL :?
  12. Use it to your advantage - if your gut gets big enough it'll take the strain off your wrists. Now where's that packet of Tim Tams...

  13. And to add to all the above... with a big gut who needs stomgrips ??? :D

    NiteKreeper - next time you're near a GNC outlet, try a bottle (natural, herb extract pills) of "LeanR".
    My job is one of the worst culprits of my unstable eating/sleeping habits which can have a noticeable affect on me if not adhering to a strict diet/exercise routine. This stuff is healthy, designed to speed up metabolism (in a healthy way), and there are no side affects.
    Have used it in the past and with ZERO exercise, apart from riding up to 600km/day :D or work (though they recommend a daily exercise plan) I noticed (as did my family) amazing results. In fact, had I stuck to my usual rigorous routines of the past, I would have been half the man I am now...didn't want that (I like my strong, solid build ;) )
    It worked for me. If you're keen head in to a store next time round and chat with the staff for full details (y)
  14. Should start running Robbie - trust me!!

    This way you get to the point where you can do massive nights of beers, kebabs, pizza and anything else you feel like because you've got your Metabolism firing...
  15. I don't know how old you are, but running isn't the best thing for older knees, ankles, hips or hearts. Brisk walking and a proper diet is much better.

    While it's been a slow process, I lost 10kg in about 6 months just by cutting out a lot of junk/fatty/high carbohydrate food and cutting down on the size of meals.
  16. Ah the magical pill............
    I do it the hard, but enjoyable way....

    Just got back from a road pushy from home up to Sassafras and back.
    Twas going to go up and down twice but 35 degrees took it out of me so only once..
    Last Tues did the Warby Rail Trail with a few mates which was the day before a 900K loop on the moto along the GOR, Halls Gap and Daylesford..

    I look at it this way, staying fit helps my moto riding..
    If I can do nearly 400K on a pushy over 15 hours, my long moto rides seem an enjoyable run...
    And I much rather do it all on two wheels rather than anything else..
  17. Maybe I should be dissected by science to make the next side-effect free appetite suppressant. I keep forgetting to eat for 2-3 meals in a row :p

    (which doesn't help in the slightest with being fit, mind, but still. Convenient i guess.)
  18. When the black dog is biting my ar$e I can go 2-3 weeks without "really eating", only it ain't forgetfulness. I'm usually around the 65Kg mark, and 5'10".
    So a healthy appetite is a real good thing for me ;)
    I just need to get back to eating right as others suggested, and stop sitting around, drinking beer and talking crap for days on end.
    Oh, and more riding.
  19. Speaking of things that are disgusting, I had to get a stubbie of VB today to make beer batter.
  20. NiteKreeper your a guy at 178cms normally 65kgs and feeling disgusted, good grief. Based on your height you wouldn't be considered over weight till you hit the mid 70s.

    Doing diet and exercise is always a good idea if you want to remain really skinny I guess.