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F#$king Builders letting the power go to there head.

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by FALCON-LORD, Oct 6, 2009.

  1. The building site just near work has put some traffic management barricades in place because of the fact they are using some of the road. They also are “herding” pedestrians for there own “safety” over the last 4 working days they have added and extended some marking tape to stop Peds crossing where they don’t want them to.
    This morning when I get to work this tape has included crossing a side road that many riders use as there entry onto the footpath to park.
    As I notice this I exclaim “FFS” and have a bemused shake of the head. I then make my way around, and park where I normally do.
    One of the 4 “workmen” policing the intersection sees fit to walk over and ask “do you have a problem?” and then continue on to give a tirade about riding on the footpath and anything else he can come up with.
    Seriously is there job that F#$king boring that they have to add spice to there day by making life hard on those around them.

  2. 1) Wait quietly until end of tirade.

    2) Cock head to one side.

    3) Say, "Huh? I'm sorry, I wasn't listening."

    4) Enjoy.
  3. 3) tap your helmet and shout 'earplugs! sorry!'

    even better, leave your engine running and everytime he tries to say something rev it, lol
  4. There's ZERO chance you didn't respond FL! So what did you say?
  5. Actually I was quite reserved (You would have been proud)
    But I started with saying “No there is no problem” he then pushed the point, I continued with saying that nothing was directed at him and it was nothing personal” (He persisted) I then made the correction that it wasn’t personal but he was making it personal be coming over and being abusive, (He then brought up the riding on the footpath thing) and I explained how he was wrong (He then went on with I ride so I know) So I then responded with “well your wrong so learn the laws…
    No abuse at all…
  6. I'm proud. :)

    I assume this is a regular parking spot of yours. What are you going to do tomorrow?

    I suppose you could always ask for a copy of the traffic management plan - he should have ready access to it.

  7. Well, he may be right, mate.

    I know that with FPP you're s'posed to wheel the bike to where you park it. How far along the footpath did you ride it?
  8. The consensus is that you don’t have to push it at all.
    Feel free to read
    BTW it was about 20 meters at the most
    Thanks for the Doc title Rob, I may be a smart arse tommorow (If I can be bothered)
    Specific link
  9. so you got pissed off and it was the other blokes fault:? If your a builder it's the union fault, if your the union the builder is at fault.....no wonder we have these stupid laws to start with :blah:
  10. Ask for the traffic management plan or complain to council.
  11. Que?
    I got a tad annoyed and it was no ones fault.
    He took it personally and walked 40 odd meters to have a go at me, and that was his fault.
    My point is that he seems to feel that he actually has some authority to make other peoples life hard.
  12. Yep - they must have a traffic management plan. Which council is it?
  13. It is down at Docklands, so I'll assume Melbourne City
  14. Hmmm… This morning the “offending” tape was removed…
    Any one get the feeling it may have not been in the traffic management plan?
  15. He must have really gotten under your skin to bother posting about it. Perhaps your small bemused headshake and curse word was a bit more animated than you thought? Helmets make us all look like giant bobbleheads...