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F**king Ar**hole Bike Riders

Discussion in 'Jokes and Humour' started by NiteKreeper, Jun 10, 2011.

  1. There have been a few threads along these lines lately, and I admit that I'm the first to say "HTFU, stop bitching about riders".
    But today, not for the first time, I saw this: blatant, obvious disregard for the biker's creed, and obviously someone out to give us all a bad name...


    I mean, look at this wanker's complete disregard for how we roll:

    1. Clearly, this is a Honda parking level;
    2. Obviously, only black bikes park here;
    3. Disturbingly, he's parked right-left, when common sense dictates it should be left-right (I mean, this is Australia, isn't it??!!)

    I need advice: should I leave a polite note on his seat, advising gently of the gross error he's made?
    Or should I just kick his shit over next time, point it in the right direction (lying on the floor...), and let him work it out?
  2. He's obviously a noob.

    Buy a can of black paint from Bunnings and spray paint it for him, rip off the Suzuki badges and draw a Honda logo, then move it facing the right direction...
  3. i would have kicked it over, and left a note saying 'im not sorry about this because you are a noob'
  4. :rofl: :rofl:

    thanks guys :D made my night!
  5. Why would you want to step off your bike into a brick wall? I tried that once when i was a learner and haven't tried it again since.
  6. Just gold NK!!!
  7. what's wrong with some people - why can't they all just conform.
  8. I step off my bike from the left and get on from the left, works the best. Just like riding a horse.
    This is indeed gold.
    There is a little black yamaha scooter at the university where I work, every time I see the fucking thing I'm tempted to push it over. One of these days I will.
  9. Should just nudge it closer to the wall so he cant get it up again. He'll soon learn...
  10. LOL.

    I think he's a rugged individualist. I think he urinates on your tender sensibilities from a majestic altitude. I think he plotted that piece of guerrilla parking for days, and executed on his nija plans when you were low in your chi cycle. I think you've been pwnd.
  11. I think I'll burn his fucken bike down next time.
  12. It's a gladius, so either the rider is gay, or a hot chick...
  13. Did you know that you can get off a bike on either side?

    But yeah, lifting the front and back up & placing it against the wall sounds good to me.

    Yeah, because bikers conform . . . . . .
  14. Shoulda kicked his mirror!
  15. *smirk*

    I want it's owner to be on NetRider!
  16. Could it be a sign telling us we have been doing it all wrong?
    Have I been living a lie all this time?
    So many questions and so few answers.
  17. The rider may even be one of those..you know...really weird sppoky, right glove frist kinda people too.

    Gross......sick fuck
  18. Can we start a thread? Which side do you like to mount from!!!
  19. well I sleep on the right side of the bed so I sorta roll to my left ..
  20. hehehehe.....I like to get a run up and jump, spaghetti western style