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F$$$KIN How Much!!!

Discussion in 'Maintenance and Servicing' at netrider.net.au started by streetmaster, Mar 23, 2012.

  1. Just picked up a part for a customers mini bike.
    A 2004 Yamaha TTR90E dirt bike. Nice little bike for the kids.
    The bike had a big drink of water & instead of pulling the plug & getting the water out of the cylinder, they left it!
    Fairly easy fix. 1mm overbore, new piston, all good.
    Damn thing keeps flooding. Ok then, check the float chamber.
    The guys idiot teenage (19) son pulled the float needle & lost it up in the bush!
    $52.00 for a new one!!
    Anyone else been suprised at the cost of spare parts?? (I get it all the time at work with cars!)


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  2. It'd be interesting to pull up all the parts needed to build a randomly chosen bike, and see what it totals up to if you paid retail for all the parts. I'm guessing between 2 and 4 times the retail cost of the bike.

    They love their profit margins.
  3. And the rest!
  4. Don't you mean 20 to 40 times?
  5. i beleive a holden ceo (or someone high up) once said,
    we could give them the car for free and turn a profit from the parts
  6. Whilst I feel for ya streetie - bugger spare parts....what about the $$$$ rip off on rego?!!!!

    Bike - $517.90

    Car - $596.40

    )*&*%$(%#@@@%^&&^) me!

  7. About 25 - 30 years ago, a father & son built a 'brand new' Morris Minor from NOS parts.
    Cost just a shade over $16,000.
    This is when a brand new holden cost around $5000!
  8. Bike $577
    Car, (New rego, Plates, Transfer etc.) $770
    Still a ripoff
    (+ RWC)
  9. Agree Cougs, got mine in the mail today. Just stood up from being bent over.....
  10. unbelievable isnt it? I cant see why we have to pay so much compared to gas guzzling cars.
  11. Here in tas my 4wd ute dual cab costs $552.40

    My bike costs $550.40

    You want to talk about ripoffs?
  12. Gas is one of the 3 states of matter when a liquid boils.

    We are in Australia. We call it Petrol or Fuel.
  13. Petrol being short for petroleum, which is no less of an absurd abbreviation than gas is for gasoline. I still call it fuel, because that magic word can replace "petrol/gasoline", "diesel", "avgas", or "jet a" depending who I'm talking to, about what.
  14. Maybe so, but the point still stands! Lets use our own absurdity rather than the US' :p
  15. "petrol" doesn't bother me, but there are some abbreviations here that drive me right up the damned wall.
  16. gasoline?
  17. LPG anyone!!! lol
  18. ADB magazine once did an article about that very thing.
    I can't remember the details exactly, but guess it was about 1987?

    The bike they used was the '84 model XR250 'RE'
    From memory the bike was around $2500 new, and in parts came to around 8.5k
  19. Streetmaster, checkout Partshark.com in the us for parts, they carry Yamaha OEM, best prices I've seen anywhere.
  20. Or possibly even short for "petroleum distillate", a reasonably good description, but it'd sound pretty twee to always be calling it that.
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