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F@#Kin Bike Rego came today

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by imajo, Apr 6, 2006.

  1. I just got my bike rego in the mail today and was reading through the brochures thats attached as well... a load of crock really. Oh and it doesnt state exactly how much the levy we're paying. Sneaky lil bastards

    Problem - Insufficient sight distance and delineation at tight bends, poor alignment and loose stones on edge of road.
    Treatment - Install curve alignment markers, warning signs, new line marking and remove debris on road.

    Great Ocean Road (MT Defiance)
    Problem - Loose material from unsealed car parks, poor sight distance of vehicles existing car parks
    Treatment - Seal Car park entries to prevent material moving on to the road, install traffic control devices at larger car parks

    Anyway this is some of the so called "black spot priority" that have been approved. Thing that really shits me is that this is something the council in that area should fix ie. the car park and most of the recommendations ive read is something that everyone should be paying for anyway. Its a load of crap...

    how about they give me $50 and ill go do a corning course or something - GRRRRRRR John Howard and all the other political people can go F themselves. The country would be so much better if we bikers were running things.... a ban on straight roads i say!
  2. :LOL: :LOL:

    Our $50 levy is used to fix up a CAR park! What a joke!

    Yep that oughta save bikers lives, NOT!

  3. I think they should spend the $50 on English classes for riders instead.
  4. They've been using the same reason for over a year now.
  5. :?: :?:
  6. The blurb above says they're sealing the entrances to the carparks.. not the carparks. This benefits motorcyclists more than any other type of road user. Stops vehicles dragging loose gravel onto the roadway. This kind of spending should be applauded. It does made the road safer for riders.
  7. As Nev insinuated .. you need to read more closely.

    Picture you riding along the GOR, approaching the entry of a corner and you suddenly realise that stones are all over your lane whilst your braking hard for the corner entry. The stones/dirt has been moved onto the road from car/bus tyres entering/exiting the dirt carpark right beside the road.

    Now, if that carpark was sealed, then the cars/buses wouldn't be able to move the dirt/stones onto the road, and the possibility of you decking the bike because of those stones is removed.

    This problem is a very low priority for fix/repair under general road maintenance budgets .. but, like it or hate it, the $50 levy has been used to fix it and remove the m/cycle issue from this corner.

    Still think $50 is a joke?
  8. I just paid my Rego yesterday, so I’m going to have a rant. :?

    It'd be better if they put the $50 towards a once off subsidy on a road safety course for riders, uno something useful.

    I figure with the car park upgrade, its cars causing it, making a mess, so why do we pay for it? Does car rego have a $50 levy that pays for more motorbike parking bay upgrades? Or those useless "No Motorbike Parking" signs on Collins St in Melbourne? I think not.

    It's unfair and I think its discrimination that motorbike riders as a minority are made to pay such a levy. Don’t get me wrong, I have no problems with the concept of what the levy is meant to be used for, but it should be an across the board levy, then it'd probably only cost $10 for every vehicle or less. And even with two levies for my bike & car, I'd still be in front $30 and the state government would have sh*t loads more to burn on bull crap so called black-spot area projects. A car park honestly. :?:

    This is just a big load of Bullsh*t! It makes me angry. :evil: :evil: :evil:
  9. Can you please explain to me what a Federal Liberal Prime Minister has to do with a State Labour Levy??????
  10. 1- So how far does the "entrance" go back? Will it stop all gravel coming onto the road?

    2- You are correct it does make the road safer for riders, BUT, it also makes it safer for cars and cyclists, so why should we alone have to foot the bill?
  11. I was wondering why you'd chosen those examples too. Anything that keeps stones off the road gets the thumbs-up from me. This is a positive step for riders, and it wouldn't happen if it wasn't for the levy - as Jason said.

    I hate the discriminatory levy as much as you do, but in this case the money's being spent in a good place. It's more pertinent to argue the reasons behind the existence of the levy in the first place.
  12. The thing that peeves me about this is that much of the funds will go to fixing road and intersections that were poorly designed in the first place, with no consideration given to motorcycles. The levy is largely making the messengers pay.
  13. Perhaps I am not the only one who needs to read more carefully? The carpark is NOT sealed, merely the "entrance" which could mean 1 metre in from the road or ten metres in from the road. Either way I still think there will be gravel dragged onto the road. As a rider you are taught to expect things like gravel on the road aren't you, particularly if you see the carpark to the side as you approach it. As I said, I think it's a good thing they have done, but it's not been done just for us, so why were we the only ones to pay for it?
  15. When was the last time you were driving a car or truck and thought "shit! there's a bit of gravel on the road?"

    Now, how many of your favourite riding spots can you name that have bits of gravel you know about and are aware of the need to manage?

    Think the Kinglake/St. Andrews road, gravel comes down off driveways at the apexes of a few pretty nasty corners.

    Gravel and stones just don't trouble car drivers, they wouldn't give a rat's if the stones were there or not. I certainly do when I'm on my bike!
  16. Hmmm... $50 a year for gravel removal? sounds a bit steep... :LOL:
  17. the only reason i chose those two examples was because they were the 1st 2 on the list.

    Hey im all up for rider safety but do you think its fair for us bikers to fix something that is used by everyone?

    eg. Ok theres gravel car parks that spill gravel onto the road... isnt it the local councils responsibility to fix it? and sealing the entrance isnt really going to do a whole lot. Sure it will stop it for a while but cars will go in and out and eventually the sealed entrance is going to be covered in rocks and then eventually on the road.

    It just bugs me that we pay for this levy that everyone should be contributing to....
  18. It's happened! That's all that matters. It all depends on how much gravel and how fast/alert/able you and your machine are doesn't it. I used to ride a pushy on the GOR from Geelong to Lorne and back twice a week, less gravel would certainly have benefited me then, and the guys who do it now, but you don't see them paying $50 to fix it up do you? You don't see them saying to everyone on a motorbike "hey, thanks for fixing that carpark on the GOR".

    If it's used by all road users then it should be paid for by all road users!
  19. Just on the topic, how much is bike rego this year?
  20. Ads ZX6R was $495