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F%^#%k!! Scammed!

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by tubbsy, Dec 20, 2010.

  1. Sigh, never thought it'd happen to me, I consider myself world wise, smarter than the average bear, cynical when needed, guarded, a good judge of character, but I got caught.
    Scammed last week to the tune of $1300......f%@$k!!!

    Bought a camera on gumtree, yeh, first mistake. Did all due diligence, double checked addresses given, bank accounts details etc etc etc, even spoke to her and chatted about just random stuff for 20 minutes before even discussing the camera.
    And then my biggest idiot move, deposited cash into the bank. Turns out, my judge-o-character meter is not pointing true north.

    All the advice and all the signs you're supposed to look for, looks like when you find something you're really keen on, and you let your guard slip a little, that's when they get you.

    I have seen and experienced a lot of dodginess in my life, so thought I was well aware of it. I'm one of those people who shake my head like you're shaking yours now reading this, and go "what a f#$^#kin idiot". Well, suddenly I'm that idiot, and I didn't even see it coming.(can't believe I didn't see the signs in retrospect)

    Just thought I'd share, because if it helps even one person avoid the same then it's worth having shared.

    Don't let it happen to you, it sux big time.
  2. ouch!

    any recourse?

    my mates swears by gumtree but me, meh.
  3. Not really, I was stupid enough to deposit cash because I was impatient. I should have gone with my initial thought and used paypal...or f%%k, anything really. Easy to say in retrospect.

    Raised a case with the police today, and with Gumtree, and with the bank. Traced back IP's from e-mails, collated all comms etc and given to the cops. They seem fairly confident they can at least find it all pointing to someone.

    Once I have a case number from the Police, I need to get the bank to initiate an investigation. The scammer was pretty slick though, it was like holding a conversation with anybody, didn't even try and rush me about buying the camera. They are more than likely gone with my loot. Merry Christmas to me. =D>
  4. Ouch, with gumtree I've always kept a COD policy when buying despite how good of a deal the item may be.

    No chance hunting the scum down???
  5. Be careful out there, kids.
  6. I think the mistake you made was that $1300 is too much money when paying with bank deposit.. I wouldn't go past a couple of hundred dollars worth in similar situations to yours. Losing a hundred or so is unlucky, losing $1000's is a mistake.

    And some more advice to others, don't forget that there is a (small) market out there where scammers buy reputable trading accounts to fool you into thinking your dealing with a reputable seller... (ie. ocau forums, sometimes ebay etc.)
  7. The address they gave me was Coffs harbour, google mapped etc etc, all checked out, these guys did their homework.

    Cops reckon the address will be valid, but unlikely to be them. If I could hunt them down, I'd take several of my biggest and most aggro mates with me to say hi.

    Problem is, scammers use dynamic IP's etc, so without the ISPs' help, you won't work out where or who it is, that's why the police have to be involved, the ISP's will play ball.

    The kicker is, Gumtree flagged that ad as a scam, and took it offline hours after I got caught. Double F$##$k!!
  8. Sorry to hear that mate. Is the ad still current? Can the police not also track them down by any contact numbers that were supplied? Happy to go around and collect $1300 worth of kneecaps if you like.
  9. Yep, agreed. I am unlikely to ever stop kicking myself for doing something so stupid that I did know better for.
    It shocks me that I got caught, that's why I wanted to post, It CAN happen to you. I'm not naieve, or gullible, or thoughtless or anything, however, in this instance, I let my guard down and got nailed!
  10. Ha ha, thanks mate, I'll give you a call when I get an address.

    The cop said they would try and track it all. I chased up Gumtree, see above comment re ad. Their Gumtree user account has also been suspended after my complaint.
  11. Sorry to hear that mate.

    Where was the camera apparently located and how do you know that you've been scammed?

    Edit: ahh too slow
  12. Yeh, thanks mate. End of the day it's only money (yeh right), and it's a shtty thing, but raging against the machine ain' gonna help me. I look on the bright side instead, it's nearly xmas and I get to ride my bike home today. :D

    Soon as my money was in (last Wednesday), there was no further contact, couldn't get them on their number, haven't heard from them.
    Cops looked at the e-mail correspondence today and reckon it's a scam, also, Gumtree have come back to me and said they removed the ad because it's def a scam.
  13. does the consumer something or other cover this?

    Look at it this way Tubbsy, you took a risk buying over the net and lost out on this instance, the other times youve won with a better deal than what the shops would have been able to give you. Im sure that on a whole youve been better off. Chin up and dont be too down on yourself.
  14. Thanks mate, yeh, it's surprising, you feel physically robbed. Not gonna let it dampen the old Christmas spirit, but yeh, they're out there. It really does happen, not just old wives tales.

    Not sure, you mean like Consumer rights act or soemthing?
  15. Yeah its pretty much the same feeling as spending for a dud good or something that doesn’t work etc. Pretty excited at first, pissed off and then disappointed thinking about the what if’s and what could have’s. As often used as it is its true that money does come and go…..try to enjoy your xmas. You don’t need much money to enjoy Christmas, just family and a tank full of fuel for both you and your bike :).
  16. Yep, exactly, plus there's a week and a half off....luvverly.

    It's odd, even though I have been told by the cops and Gumtree that it's a scam, there's this twisted ray of light going, "maybe it'll turn up at the post room downstairs".

    The mind is a weird and wonderful thing.
  17. A few years ago my wife and I did a little selling on fleabay, then didn't use account for a couple of months.
    Got a phone call from a friend asking where we were getting the phones from!!
    Our account had been jacked and except for a friend noticing our name we wouldn't have known for another month or two.
    With some rapid work from us and ebay no-one got scammed but it was very close.
    We were able to trace the scammers to UK but that all.
    The investigation was dropped apparently as they couldn't be charged as no money changed hands.
  18. It's shocking how rife it is. Logged onto Facebook this morning and had to reset all my settings because apparently someone had tried to hack my FB account.

    Co-incidence or the scammers? Who knows.
  19. Don't beat yourself up bud, even the best fighters can be taken out with a sucker punch.

    Console yourself in the fact that they'll try the sucker punch one too many times and they'll end up paying for it.
  20. Oh ligthtbulb moment......have you tried the bank? when it happened to me their bank account name was slightly modified from their other stuff.