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Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by Lob0, Oct 10, 2010.

  1. Hey guys,

    REALLY fing angry right now.

    Last night, someone, some USELESS LOWLIFE D!CKH**D! decided to pour a carton of custard all over my ZZR-250 parked on the street outside my house.


    I have ZERO problem with these people being shot in the face by the next poor sap they Fk with. Such people should not be allowed to exist in our overpopulated world. Forget rehabilitation or any of that crap.

    The bike now stinks and is going to need a full washdown. I suspect the ignition barrel may be fked as well.

  2. That really stinks mate.
    I'ld suspect it was someone close to you, not many people have a carton of custard handy when going for a walk. Do you ride your bike early in the morning or late at night? could be a pissed of neighbor.
  3. Custard?!?!

    That so... random... :shock:
  4. I thought the same thing man.

    But for the LIFE of me I can't work out why it would be a neighbour.

    1: The bike has stock exhuasts, its quiet, and a 250 ffs
    2: I don't leave early in the morning, even if im taking my loud gixxer (I have been driving every day for the last 2 weeks, too much rain)
    3: AFAIK our neighbours are fine, we get on with them ok

    But yes I agree, who the HELL randomly carries custard? I mean, it did occur on a saturday night, and the end of our street is a bushtrack shortcut to some other houses so people DO (sometimes) walk past the house when heading home.

    But yeah...custard?

    We have a new next door neighbour who has lived here less than a week, who knows? Surely they wouldn't just custard an old bike of someone they have never met.
  5. Do the new neighbours have kids most likely in there teens?
  6. There are wackjobs out there mate, chances are they went shopping and decided to do it.

    Case in point; the cat-bin-lady in England.
  7. Mate, custard isn't such a pain in the ass to clean off.

    If it had been a tin of enamel paint, or concrete, or acid.. you'd be so badly F***ed you'd be chewing marbles.

    But yeah, sorry to hear that mate, Time to get the hose/pressure cleaner out I think!
  8. Im discustard with the actions of some people
  9. Didn't they leave any apple pie as well ? Was it vanilla, banana or chocolate custard ?
    Banana is my fave. Dirtyrotternbasterds !
  10. two jamacan guys get invited to a party where the theme is to dress as an emotion or emotional state

    They show up up naked except one have his willy in a bowl of custard and one has a pear on the end of his willy

    the host freaks out and says " you were supposed to come dressed as an emotion"

    one replies we did

    I am deep in dis pear

    and my friend is farken discustard
  11. Nice one ML :p.

    Worst ive had done was to my car, it got egged.
    Took a lot of careful work to get the egg and not the paint off the damn thing.
  12. Why custard? that sucks mate.

    Egged is worst, its a biatch to get off and stinks, my mate was egged whilst we were driving once and came inside the car all over the windscreen, was so hard to get out.

    I remember walking out to my bike at school once and it was glad wrapped with a note from my mates saying have fun getting it off :p
    was a pretty funny prank and quite easy getting off with scissors i had handy.

  13. Paul will be wishing he'd thought of that first (I know I am))

    My sympathies though - I certainly would object to someone trifling with my bike...

    Although perhaps it was just somes way of issuing an invitation :)

  14. At least it wasn't jizz.....

    Could always be worse. Would you prefer that they had stolen it?
  15. Motolegion, those two flustered Jamaican guys should have been taken into custardy for an act of bustardy !
  16. Take a breath, clean your bike and consider that there are worse things my friend.

    My bikes and other stuff have been damaged and stolen sooo many times (9 seperate events that I can think of) that its cost me a bunch in insurance excesses and premium hikes, etc. Want the list?
    CDs stolen from car in secure car park
    lock-up cage raided and 3500 in tools and parts stolen
    Car keyed and cost me heaps to get it resprayed
    First motorcycle stolen
    2nd motorcycle damaged in theft attempt
    Car side-swiped by a party bus while parked and they left the scene
    3rd motorcycle damaged 3 times in 3 separate theft attempts

    This too shall pass.
    I'm sure you have plenty of good things in your life.
  17. yep the pear of them should be in police custardy
  18. A bike that lives on the street will get fcked with sooner or later. It's one of the reasons all my bikes were rats for many years 'cos they're a less attractive target and less upsetting when shit does happen to them.

    Custard is a smelly, sticky pain, but won't do any long term damage. As others have pointed out, at least it wasn't brake fluid or paint stripper.

    How far's your nearest shop? My guess would be kids who nicked a carton of custard instead of flavoured milk and then realised they didn't like custard.
  19. Do you have any strippers living nearby? It might be them. I saw this show once, she had some custard and she took it and ....well never mind..