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F***ing Taxi Drivers

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by paulm_collins, Oct 19, 2007.

  1. Sorry but just a bit of a rant !

    Was riding into work this morning, coming down Lonsdale Street. I was in the right lane, a taxi was behind a bus in the left lane.
    As we went through a set of traffic lights, I just had a feeling that the taxi was going to pull out, so I hung back just behind him, making sure that I was clearly in view in his side mirror.
    I waited for about 10 seconds, and it seemed that I was wrong and he was just going to sit behind the bus. WRONG.............

    I started to pull up the side of the taxi, giving it a bit of stick just in case, and...................
    Just as I got almost half way up beside him, he decides to pull out !!!!!!!
    I was pretty much level with the drivers door by this point, I glanced over, and he hadnt even tried to look over to see if anything was there, he was just looking straight ahead.

    After briefly shatting myself (there were parked cars in the middle of the street so no exit point), I planted my thumb on the horn.
    He was literally centimetres away from me by this point, but luckily he heard the horn and pulled back over.

    This isnt the first time, and its not always taxi drivers, but it just really annoys me when people could quite easily look over and see you, but just cant be bothered !!

    Rant over....... :wink:
  2. I feel your pain.. Most Taxi drivers in Melbourne are morons.. During Winter i had to come in to work at 2am etc for a voip install/testing, I had cab vouchers from work. I took the taxi once out of 5 nights, the rest I rode in. I find it even worse when you are in the taxi, and they cannot drive properly.

    They have no concept of what a lane is. IE, dual lane roads and they sit on the white line. There braking and accelerating is crap.. My GF doing her L's has better brake and throttle control.

    Then I hate the fact that when they take a female passenger (ie my gf and taking her the long way to the airport once).

    There is more.. but i dont have all morning to type it out ;)
  3. It's a tough job, but some clueless muppet's gotta do it...
  4. I've had my fair share of run-ins with melbourne cab drivers. (Unfortunately I have to deal with them everyday)
    I try to stay in the lane away from them when they are stopped or keep in the lane further away from the sidewalk as the cabbies tend to just slam on their brakes sometimes to pick up people on the side of the road.
    Some of them even swerve from one side of a 2 lane road to get to passengers.
  5. I tend to keep an eye out when I see taxi's around me.

    I argree about taxi drivers being not able to drive. I get sick of their driving even when I'm going from paliment house to spencer st... They're like either full throutle or full brakes not in between....
  6. i will be honest, today one almost copped a dent to the door for just being a jerk.
    I was sitting stationary behind a truck who was bhind banked traffic with a taxi behind me in the left lane (I also wanted to turn left) the taxi saw fit to slam on his horn as he passed within less than a foot of me while squeezing into the lane beside him.
  7. Personally if I'm going "East - West" or vise versa through the city I'll use Latrobe St, no middle of the road parking and the tram lines give you more space to play with if required. Down side is hook turns at all the lights.
  8. They don't look where they are going, hit you, then lie about it to insurance. Yet to meet a decent cabbie. If only there was a better system.
  10. The area I grew up in had a single taxi back then (or maybe 2) One night the moronic driver decided to pull out of a driveway and T-bone my sister who was riding along the highway. Luckily she hit the bonnett and not the body of the cab and she basically bounced across it head first. Survived with the worst injury being a smashed knee. This instilled a lifetime hatred of taxi drivers in me that has in no way been altered by the pitiful excuses we have for taxi drivers in Melbourne :evil: Surely we have the worst in the world :?
  11. *woops hit quote instead of post*

    Yeah....... f....ing taxi drivers!!!!! :evil:
  12. And they think riders are a menace...
  13. Yeah, you never know which way people in cars are gonna go, and taxi drivers it's more so.
  14. I went through the whole thing in Sydney of writing to everyone involved in the taxi industry to complain about their antics - just to see what would happen. Waste of time right? Correct. The Taxi Council responded by saying they don't condone illegal driving but cabs have to make a living!!! After 4 weeks The Roads Minister's Office passed the complaint onto the Transport Ministers Office who after 4 weeks passed it onto the Roads Ministers Office and hence into oblivion. And the RTA didn't even respond - as expected as they are answerable to no-one it seems.

    They are more dangerous than riders, especially as they are about as predominant as bikes but almost EVERY one of them drives dangerously. But it is OK apparently because they are just trying to make a living. Too bad every else is just trying to live!
  15. Good effort though. Best we can do is go into survival mode any time we see one. Or we could band together and go on a killing spree. I like the latter..
  16. i always introduce my kncukle protector to their mirror
  17. I would jump in and bag taxi drivers... but.

    I do wonder if it is just because you can identify them easily. I mean if beauticians happened to be all bad drivers you wouldn't actually know would you? Swimming pool salesmen, teachers, dog walkers, museum curators?

    And lets face it - few people are actually very good at driving. After all we are told it's speed that kills, not lack of driving ability :roll:

    Now I actually haven't had many good experiences with them myself. But that's another story.
  18. This is a good point and probably does skew the perspective somewhat. But on the other hand, the nature of the task of driving taxis is unlike what the majority of people do on the roads. The average motorist doesn't spend a significant proportion of their time cruising the roads looking for someone to pick up. And cabs often have to change their destination based on not knowing where the person they are picking up wants to go or to accept a job that is in the other direction. All of this leads to cabs needing to make U-turns and unplanned stops. This COULD be done safely and with consideration for other road users. But generally it isn't and that is where the problem lies. The decision making process that cabbies seem to apply when making manoeuvres like pulling over when flagged down and making U-turns is very poor and almost without regard for the road rules or other users of the road.

    For instance, MickyB ran into a cab when it slammed it's brakes on and swerved left with no warning to drop a passenger off and the cabbie tried to blame it on him. A rider was killed a couple of years ago when exactly the same thing happened and he tried to swerve but hit the boot and was thrown into oncoming traffic. I almost got run over by a cab on a footpath a couple of weeks back because he was trying to do a U-turn in a tight street so went up a driveway and down another with not a stuff about me being on the footpath at the time. In my life I have never seen any other driver do this with total disregard for the pedestrians and is typical of the audacity of cabbies and their attitude that the road is theirs to use as they see fit.

    Oh, and don't get me started on their "hands-on" tasking panels on their dashboards. How that is any different to texting on a mobile phone, I do not know. I was almost in an accident in a cab because he as too busy trying to bid for a job to watch the road.
  19. Got another one...

    After some taxi driver was charged with assault of a passenger (in Sydney I think) recently, the Taxi drivers association came out and said "if you don't drop the charges we will start taking it out on passengers"

    Sorry you imbecile, what happened to customer service? If you take frustration out on passengers, guess who's getting the bus next time?

    But yeah, bad move with the Taxi behind the bus. Either fang it past when you have the change or hang well back beause they *WILL* pull put.
  20. What I dont get about taxi drivers is that they have the most road experience than anyone, yet they're about the shittest users of the road?? You'd think more time on the road would equal better skills, but for taxis it seems to get worse!!