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f*!&ing sidestand

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by ibast, Jun 9, 2005.

  1. I'm going to kick my own arse.

    The lower fairing that I had previous repaired is now broken again.

    Why is it that on a bike capable of ging this fast that it falls over at a standstill?

    And why does it happen when you are just far enough away not to catch it and still close enough for it to collect you on the way down?

  2. What happened, exactly....????
  3. because the machine has yet to be invented THAT CARES!
  4. Been there too. Effing sidestands! I did it while I was still in the saddle: kicked out the stand and started to dismount, then the stand decides to retract because I didn't check to see that is was properly down, then the bike decides to take a lie down. This just happened after I got the bike back after a month of repairs from the off I had - My girls must like having rough edges or something.
  5. Just be thankful you do not have a mid nineties Ducati with the suicide side stand. The one that retracts automatically when weight is taken off it.
    Ask G about his
  6. Wheeled it out of the garage. Put it on the side stand and turned around to go back inside to say goodbye to the misses and kiss the dog goodbye, when it fell.

    It must not have been engaged properly
  7. :( here have some karma
  8. Side stands on sports bikes may as well be for looks only sometimes,
    I layed my Blade down a week after getting it,
    Pulled up at a servo to check the tyre pressure,
    put on stand and walked around the bike,
    only to watch it roll forward about 3 cm,
    didn't have in gear and was not touching the kerb,
    Crash, down it went.
    Doesn't need to move far for it to fold under,
    now I put it in gear to ensure it can't drop again.
    I'm sure everyone getting fuel heard the ensuing tirade of four letter words, and flocks of birds flew out of the nearby trees, lol
    even though I had my helmet on and the visor down.
  9. The only thing I don't like about the mighty Hornet is, NO CENTRESTAND. I'd gladly sacrifice a few mm-s of cornering clearance and a bit of weight to know that when I put it on the stand, it will stay there!
  10. Yep I think we've all done it, it happened to me once when I got off to shut the garage. Hot day == soft tarmac == bike on it's side :(

    Oh well, that's why they invented knobs.

  11. ahh hate that feeling... definitely one of the reasons I'm worried about buying a brand new bike :?

    perhaps frame sliders are the way to go?
  12. Its the same reason whales beach themselfs, noone is exactly sure why that is, theres multiple theorys :(
  13. When I did my L's inistructor always told me, make a habit of putting sidestand down and then kick it, to make sure that it is all the way forward and won't retract. Easy in hindsight...but I do give the stand a kick while still sitting on the bike before I put the weight on it.
  14. Damn shame about the bike ibast, but i find it amusing that you speak to your wife, but kiss the dog!! Glad to see you have your priorities right!!
  15. You can't blame things for human error.
    Always pull the bike backwards a fraction after putting it on the stand. If there was any forward movement after you put it down then this wil cause it to fold back over. Pulling it back an inch always insures the stand is locked into place. Problem solved.
  16. One of my friends has a Gilera that does the exact same thing. When it was parked one day, a gust of wind caught it and rocked it back off the side stand for a moment. The sidestand retracted and the bike dropped when it rocked back. $3000 later...
  17. I gotta admit to being lucky so far, probably due to acute fear of embarrasment :?

    I've got into the habit of stand down, pus the bike back with the feet to "wedge" it in place, then turning the bars to the right to lean all the weight onto the stand. Also always try to point the bike uphill.

    But it will happen one day, I'll be in a hurry, the ground will be soft, and I like to let the bike "warm down".. so leave it in neutral, engine running while I get the helmet and gloves off, and put the disk lock on. perfect combination to roll off the stand :shock:

    Now if we could just invent a better sidestand :-k make a bloody fortune!

  18. Happened to me once back about 91 (my own fault for not locking sidestand in properly) Lucky it was about 1 am so only the servo operater saw it . Metal crashing onto concrete is not the best sound to hear as your walking away.
  19. I've got a kinda unconscious habit of flicking it down, then tapping it a couple of times with my toe to make sure its ready to catch the weight...
  20. Yeah totally my fault. The driveway slopes slightly upwards to the left and is pretty grippy so I'm usually pretty conscious to pull the bike onto it. Just into a ruetine this morning.

    It will probably be a while before I am so flippant with it.

    It comes from the fact that my last bike (laverda SF3) had the best centre stand ever invented and I never used a side stand

    Ow and thanks for the Karma Cosi