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f-ing scooters....

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by evelknievel75, Mar 9, 2011.

  1. i ride a vespa occasionally and see the lack of respect people give scooters. i could never work out why until this happened to me twice in a week.

    Case A: on my bandit i am at the front left lane of 3 lanes going north. i clearly have no need to split, i am at the front. the ford laser to my right is fine, the 4wd on his right is also waiting for the green. a beat-up chinese scooter splits between me and the ford...on the centre line between the 2 lanes and diagonally pointing across my bike....

    does he seriously think his underpowered piece of crap is going to beat my 1200 cc bike? does this moron have no idea of etiquette amongst motorcycles? is he that oblivious to other road users?

    I shift into first, move directly across him and rev the crap out of my non stock muffler, into his face. on the green i slowly take off.

    Case B: paused in traffic, I see another scooter rider approaching, this time a vespa. he splits to the front past me and bumps two different cars' mirrors. a double! he keeps going and clearly pisses off the drivers...no stopping.

    wtf? can we hand out an etiquette book to these people when they get their licences? do they think because they are riding small bikes the rules or common sense don't apply?

  2. I've got nothing against them, hell i'd rather see more scooters on the road and less cars, but your right some of them are a bit gung ho with the lane splitting and etiquette :D

    Speaking of etiquette, I have been blatantly rejected with nods for weeks, everyones in a shitty mood or what? The worst is when you pull up next to another rider and they don't even acknowledge you, they just sit there reving their engine staring straight ahead pretending its not happening lol.
  3. f*ucking scooters.
  4. I think riders who are serious about developing riding as a skill gravitate towards motorcycles.

    I think promotion of advanced training to scooter riders could help change a lot of that attitude though.
  5. I've given up acknowledging other riders on the commuter run, however I'll still do it on my country runs as some of them actually nod back.
  6. and what is this thing ,,,,etiquette amongst motocycles??????where is that comming from???? where do you guys get this crap from
  7. I think there's a difference - people who ride bikes generally will become a part of the community and go on group rides/join forums etc as it's more of a lifestyle choice than commuting on a scooter simply because parking is easier and cheaper on the wallet... Most of the scooter riders I've met don't even know what 'the nod' is :| No wonder none of them nod back :( Must think my neck is itchy or something...
  8. etiquette? so can i cut in front of you at the lights and its fine?

    cool, see you soon
  9. from being on the side of the road and having other riders ask if you're ok or if they can help, having tradies who ride pull up and give you a hand with whatever they've got in the tray. Had one bloke pull up, make me a ramp to get the bike in the trailer, wood and everything - all for free - and told me to keep it if I ever need it again.

    Riding mid-week and every time being able to chat to whoever rides up to the various end points of rides, bald hill, robertson, road warriors, wollombi pub etc.

    Like it or not, admit it or not, to utterly stupid to realise it or not, there is a definite respect and etiquette among motorcyclists for other motorcyclists regardless of age or ride or whatever. The fact that you can't recognise it must mean you only ride on sundays when all the above gets thrown right out the window.
  10. I like bikes. I own a zx14. I have some attitude issues about scooters and the people who ride them. However, most of the scooter time I'd had (until very recently) was on a few very old Vespas, ten inch wheel type, three speed manual by twisting the left grip, circa about 1960. Horrible HORRIBLE little things...

    I now have a job that sees me riding around on either a 200 or a 250 Vespa, fuel injected 4 stroke, full auto. The wheels are bigger. The chassis rigidity is good enough. The brakes work. The weight distribution is about 90% rear and 10% front, and you need to keep that in mind when stopping them. The dynamics are fine - a bit twitchier and more mobile than a full sized bike, but not in any way a problem. They do the job they were built to do, and they do it very well.

    Indoctrinating scooter riders into the fold might be a bit harder than motorbike riders, but then we don't get all the bike riders either. It may be true that more bike riders want to be a part of the fold. It may be that scooter riders gather along different social paths - like swapping lip gloss colours or gel brands. I don't know. I've never been part of the in crowd with scooters.

    I think people buy scooters and motorbikes for different reasons. I think both have their place, and I'll continue to nod or wave to scooter riders whether they notice me or not. At the end of the day, we're all better off if there are more people on the road on two wheels.
  11. Ummmm are you serious.....](*,) Think before you hit submit reply or at lease preview post ](*,)

    I had a scooter stall infront of me today whilst splitting.... Knowing F all about scooters, I didnt know you could stall one...
  12. I'm on a 200 scooter and had 125 bikes do this to me, as well as 1000+ bikes that then dawdle off the mark or fail to go straight away. Also had 50cc scooters. At times we all do something without thinking about the consequences to others inadvertady.

    There are plenty of scooter assholes and bike assholes out there. No need to discriminate all on the actions of a few.

    And kneedragon, I'll share my lipgloss with you anyday.
  13. Interesting job, lol. :p
  14. We have all seen the parking prowess of scooters. Saw one today that popped itself in between 2 bikes near where I work, so that it was impossible to straighten one of the bikes up.

    They stick themselves in front of a front row of traffic and even if they are a larger capacity, still tend to take of slower than a snail...

    Sure there are some poor bike riders and poor scooter riders - but it just seems the frequency of ignorant scooter riders is ridiculously high.

    When on the roads, they seem oblivious to whatever is behind them as well. It always amazes me.
  15. You need to remember that Most, but definitely not all scooter riders, are car drivers looking for cheaper commuting, not bike riders to be..
    Some of them want to be hood ornaments or roadkill as well..
  16. Fair point here. The primary reason to own a scooter seems to be commuting. I could be wrong, but I personally see no reason to own a scooter for entertainment purposes.

    Whereas with bikes, I haven't met too many people who ride without taking an active interest in doing so. Most ride bikes because they want to rather than for the purpose of commuting etc. Some do commute, but from what I see that is because it started making sense after they got their license, not that they got their license for that purpose.

    However I am biased against scooters. I dislike everything from the automatic transmission to the pissy little wheels that look ridiculous. I don't know why, but there is something appealing about the sportiness of the shape and size of bike tyres. Maybe I am just a bit unusual though :p
  17. Thanks, I'll ... er, remember that.
  18. Either do I, but alot of other people do ride them for leisure, I know of many clubs etc. I refer to them as 'those who haven't tried a bike yet' :]
  19. Give me something I can put my legs around any day.

    I try to be non judgemental in all areas of life, but for the life of me I just can't do it with scooters.Open faced helmets, no gear, no gloves, no awareness of what is going on around them, inability to park, smugness - this is the stereotype I seem to see. They just scream out moderation from the legs together position through to the engine sizes.... I didn't get on a bike to be reasonable! Give me something that makes a bit more noise, can get off the line an give real freedom.

    Yes its judgemental and a stereotype.
  20. + 1. I do very much miss having a fuel tank to hang on to with my legs. Feels very weird indeed without one.

    The seat is awfully comfy but...