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F***ing pedestrians

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by blackjacket, Oct 18, 2007.

  1. Splitting down homebush bay drive this morning and some fcuking wanker's crossing the road through stopped traffic completely oblivious, listening to his ipod or dunno what...

    I thought he would stop when he was at the centre but he kept coming! :( Ended up stoppie-ing right in front of him and dropping the bike into a van next to me :( :( :( :( :(

    My pristine fairings!! Cracked/broken front and back. /me cries...
  2. Ahh, that's a shame :(

    So you'd slowed down and setup/covered your brakes? I see dumb shit pedestrians every single day in the city. The ones leaving Central down Eddy Ave. seem to place particularly little value on their lives.
  3. I can't remember cos it happened so fast, but I'm sure I would have, cos I was watching him for some time back. How he could not have heard me I don't know. :(

    Edit: A better rider would have brought the stoppie back down, but I went over the bars... spewing.
  4. Bummer you dropped it, especially after such an impressive stop! :cry:
  5. That sucks big time! Did you get her details????

    I had the same thing happen to me when i was on my road pushy a few years back. Doing about 30km/h-35km/h through a line of stopped cars on springvale road when a young girl popped out from between 2 vans/4wds. I screamed bloody murder whilst i tried to stop in the .5 metre stopping distance she gave me. I FAILED.... miserably :( I hit her on her left side which knocked me into the back of a 4wd where i proceeded to headbutt the rear window with my helmet covered head.

    Damage to the 1 month old pushy. Complete utter destruction. Frame, forks were destoyed along with rims etc. Write off @ $4,800

    Damage to me. Concussion, inter-articular fracture of the distal radius, broken ulner, and a bunch of smashed bones in my hand. Cuts, bruises and a killer black eye. I cant remember how this was covered. My parents dealt with it all.

    Damage to car. Smashed rear window, damage to rear fender and damage to rear boot/door. About $3,000 by memory

    Damage to her. Sweet fcuk all. She had a couple of scrapes. Im sure she was sore the next day. An 80kg cyclist smashing into a 50kg girl at about 30km/h should have been more damn it!!! She got a fine of some sort and was liable for all costs.

    It was a very expensive lesson for her.

    Lessons learned.
    1) Shit happens
    2) Dont do what she did. Jay walking is bad mkay


    PS. My wrist makes cracking noises.... hmmmm
  6. What a **** of a thing to happen to you mate. Sorry to hear it.

    I've got a sneaking feeling that it's a collision with a pedestrian, not another road use that'll have me stuffed.
  7. I didn't get the guy's details... after apologizing he was walking away and I saw him but I thought it wasn't his fault, and I wanted to get the bike off the road so I didnt do anything... STUPID! I swapped details with the driver of the van I dropped the bike onto. Fark I could have done so many things better..
  8. That sucks mate, don't you hate when you have time to think about things, and wished you would do things differently.
    Sorry to hear about dropping the bike.
  9. Sorry you had a crash. But it sounds from what you have said that you saw him before the situation become a problem, yet continued on assuming he would yield. If this is the case, then sorry, but perhaps this might serve as a wake up call. If this isn't the case then ignore what I have said.
  10. Sorry mate, but if you saw him coming and yet still had to stop hard enough that you did a stoppie, you're not getting any sympathy from me.
  11. Plus 1

    I was always taught that pedestrians have right of way
  12. Moral of the story is - don't split since people dont expect it and will not consider you when acting stupid.
  13. Yep I think I can safely say I shouldn't have been splitting as fast, especially when I noticed someone was around. *sigh*
  14. Great, lesson learned. As long as you can take something away from this then it hasn't been all bad. Good luck with the repairs.
  15. Back in the days of my P's i was zipping through smithfield and i've gone to split some trucks on the lane divider thing at about 70-80ish km/h i've noticed a ped standing in "my lane"! needless to say, im not sure if there was any contact but me, my bike and the ped some how managed to fit between 2 trucks.

    Im suprised i didn't hit him. It was like 5:30-6am so it was pretty dark.
  16. thing is, homebush bay dr is not a place for someone to walk onto the road! at all cost! i ride to work on it each morning!
  17. I had a classic pedestrian moment today as well.

    I was stopped at lights, in the leg of a T intersection, on a very steep uphill section of road, turning left.

    I see a female pedestrian approaching from the left. My light goes green, I start to move. She looks at me, and continues on walking straight across in front of me, against the red Don't Walk sign, and in front of the car next to me in the right lane. Fortunately we were both paying attention, and waited for her (I had to do a quick stop. Not good on the hill, but only just moving.) She just ambled across casually.

    Unbelieveable. Some of them have their brains totally turned off. :roll:

  18. +2. Pity it happened to you.

    As the traffic as you described was stopped the pedestrian assumed it was safe. Not expecting a lane splitting bike.
    I reckon you were lucky you didn't hit him or you would now be in a whole pile of S^$t.

  19. Definition of an iPod Zombie

  20. Had a similar thing a while ago when I was in the cage. At the front of the queue at lights, me in the middle lane, car to my right, truck to my left, wee tar did pedestrian standing waiting to cross on our left. We're all stopped...coulda gone...but no, he waits till the lights go green for US and THEN crosses :roll:

    Suffice to say...the truckie wasn't impressed, and had a MUCH louder horn than I do :evil: