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F***heads wherever I went so far today

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by GoTeam, Jul 9, 2009.

  1. I went to the other side of town this morning and wasn't in a happy mood to start with (hence why I went to see my counsellor) and it got 'better' once I had to deal with knobs on the road. They're everyday things I suppose but their effect on me today is greatly amplified. For the record, I'm caging it today.

    Incident 1: roundabout intersecting Main Road and Fitzsimons Lane, Eltham
    There's two lanes approaching along Main Rd. I was in the left lane. Instead of sneaking ahead of the truck coming from the right (Fitzsimons Lane), I waited. The small truck took the inside lane of the roundabout and stayed in it. I took off after the small truck had gone past. The light ahead was green. I was on time/early for my appointment. I took off a little faster than normal as I would have got through the green. He was heading out of the roundabout in the right lane. Half of my cage was in front of his rear. All of a sudden, knobhead decides that he should swerve into the left lane without indicating of course. I hit the anchors, looked over my shoulder to make sure the car that was next to me did in fact turn right. They did so I changed into the right lane. What do you know, amber light and no chance of getting through. The light turns green and off I go. I thought that idiot may have been turning left over the railway line considering his eagerness to get across. Not so. He went straight ahead. The road merges into one lane 200 m up the road. Why would someone do what they did other than to stop me from getting past considering he was going straight?

    Incident 2: Ferntree Gully Road inbound between Jells Rd and Springvale Rd
    I took off at the lights on FTG Rd from the Jells Rd intersection from the left lane. There's 3 lanes. The car behind me was left behind (I wasn't going hard, just accelerating a little faster than most of the others) and the car on the right (middle lane) was a little behind. I hit 80 km/h and kept it constant. Dhead in the late 90s Excel started going faster than me. Fine, he can do that. The next thing I know he's in front of me. No problem, the gap will grow because he's going faster than me. Wrong. Dhead decides to "wipe off 5" (from the speed I was doing so probably 10 off his) and now I've got to slow down when there was plenty of room behind me. Again, I'm not in a good mood today so I steamed up quickly. I let off steam by yelling. My windows and sunroof were closed so nobody could hear me and it was pointless except for allowing me to let off steam. I look in the mirror and over my shoulder, move over and take the spot he had and continue onwards.

    I'll never be able to understand why so many people take the option of speeding up then pushing in front of you then going slower than you were going the entire time when there's ample gap behind you and it wouldn't have taken much for them to slow a little then slot in behind (remember they were behind and sped up to get in front).

    Oh, I almost forgot. I almost got sideswiped when turning onto Tram Rd from the Eastern Freeway (heading towards Doncaster shopping centre) when I was in the left lane before the above listed incident 1. I left heaps of room to my right by moving over a little further than the typical turning path yet that still wasn't enough room for that cabbage who appeared distracted from looking at road signs up ahead.

    I hope its a clear trip home at the end of the day.

    Some days I hate being on the road and things get to me (like today). Other days, I let it all go through to the 'keeper.