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F F F Finally!!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by stokedpaz, Mar 7, 2012.

  1. Ola, what's been happening people?
    I'm pumped, I finally get my full licence tomorrow! Can finally ride again. I hope this rain buggers off.
    I have not ridden since mid last year when my ZZR250 got stolen, it sux. It has been a massive pain having no bike.
    Having purchased an R6 the temptation has been hard, but I am glad I wasn't silly! Looking forward to riding soon, although nervous that I will have forgotten everything.
    Will see you guys on the road soon!

    Old Pac sometime soon?

  2. congrats, I bet you will enjoy the ride :)
  3. Cheers mate, see you for a ride soon.
  4. Pictures of the bike?
  5. welcome back and congrats on the newer ride
  6. Congrats and take it easy mate

  7. Got the bike August last year https://netrider.net.au/forums/showthread.php?t=124875 It is the licence that is new. Have had the bike just sitting at my parents place so that I wasn't tempted to do anything stupid.

    Cheers goddie
  8. Ride safe mate!:biker::bolt:

    Jap :grin:
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    I know how that feels.. I have had my gsxr 750 in the garage for 3 months and I finally get to ride it next Tuesday when I get my full license. Can't wait
  10. ease into & you'll be fine
  11. ease into it & you'll be fine
  12. I did the same, bought an old gsxr and pulled it apart to rebuild it (it needed it anyway) but there was no temptation there... you know just to warm her up make sure she's running ok. I bought that even before my Vtr250 but the gsxr had to wait her turn.
  13. Far out. It has been so long off the bike I feel like a complete learner again!!
    I was only just starting to get the hang of riding when my L bike got stolen 8 months ago. Now I feel like I am starting from scratch.
    As it was a nice day, I went out on my first proper ride in 8 months with some mates up the old pac. I was so wobbly in some corners, couldnt get the hang of it at all. Wrong lines ended up riding so slow that P platers on their 250s were burning past me.
    I hate this feeling!
  14. The size or make of the bike doesn't matter, you still have to learn to ride.

    Spend some time in an empty car-park and get the feel of it.

    Great choice of bike, by the way.

    Good luck.
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  15. This is true. Lots of learning and getting used to the bike is needed.

    Need to get rid of these wobbles. The fun part of that means more riding though!
  16. Don't get too frustrated, that will only make you make mistakes. Do some slow riding in a car park and find some people to ride with you, at your pace. You'll always find some here on NR in my experience, who are patient enough to help a newbie (or someone who's starting again after a bit of a break) find his ways.

    I'm down in Melbourne, so probably no good for you, but I've taken a few learners on rides and they never felt under pressure.

    Great bike by the way, even though it's a Yamaha! LOL
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  17. I'm betting you'll be up to speed, literally, in a couple of days, young turtle :LOL:
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