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F*cktard hit me parking in MCAS Auburn Parking lot.

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by yasirbad, Sep 17, 2011.

  1. I was pulling into an empty spot and i decided to park on the left hand side to let other bikes fit in, this white Camry station wagon hit my leg as he pulled in while i was dismounting my bike, he was in the same spot i was occupying.

    The worst part? he is also a rider and had a number of harley stickers :)rolleyes:) and a united motorcycle council NSW supporter stick. What a F:censored:king D:censored:k Head.

    I hope he learns what a dipsh*t he is on the road the hard way.


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  2. well, harleys can't corner, can't really expect him to know what corners actually feel like.....
  3. You werent hurt?

    Have a chat with him?
  4. i was fine, i asked him what the **** he was doing but he ignored me and walked in. i felt like doing damage but i tried to keep a cool head and just moved the bike so he wouldn't knock it over.
  5. smash a window then ignore him like he ignored you after hitting you 'rendering you unable to ride home'
    or call the cops and tell them someone just hit you and left the scene
  6. Is there a reason you did'nt,
    kick his teeth in!!!???...
    headbutt the idiot??!!...
    or smash your helmet over his head,
    for being a friggin Ass??!!
  7. He's driving a Camry, covered in battle scars.

    Big red flag.
  8. what an absolute asshole! Can't believe he didn't even acknowledge that he hit you...
  9. Man i was there late this morning! The place was full of Harley riders at the time so i understand the cool you had to maintain :D
  10. i have a mate who works the city store...he tells me the auburn store blows....different crowd of shoppers, i.e knuckle dragging harley people....you could pretty much get a full kitted out cruiser at the store if you want....

    still, much better range, more stock but you get all the idiots who go there also..
  11. mind you the city store is hardly a bastion of civilization, but when someone does actually help you they are helpful.

    PS, What a **** ****sucking mother****ing stupid piece of ****ing shit **** **** ****ity shit ****.
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    You right. He's a f:censored:k Witt. Can't believe he ignored you! But I am just as disturbed by the Harley bashing (no I don't ride one) but it is exactly this type of stereotyping that all bikers suffer at the hands of the cagers, grow up!
  13. Call the police, on the scene, as simple as that. Explain you've been hit by a car and that the driver ignored your request for assistance, and walked off.
  14. by the time police got there he'd be looong gone. If police did rock up to his place he'd just deny it ever happened
  15. Yeah nothing you with really do with those arrogant pricks, maybe next time (hope there isnt) you should just drag your foot peg down along his car when you leave the park...
  16. Camry's and Harley's....hmmm

    Only inbred degenerates would consider either as a vehicle of choice....
    I deem a nice euthanasing of the offending mutant would be sufficient justice....
  17. I would have called an ambulance to attend to my injuries (as minor as they were.) You have a photo of his license plate. It is a hit and run. If you can prove you were hit (through a bruise/whatever, thus the requirement for an ambulance) and you can accurately give his details to the police he should be charged with a hit and run offense.

    Totally unacceptable.