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f********* c*****, someone kicked my bike over last night.

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by pow3r, Aug 20, 2011.

  1. heard a noise at about 5 this morning then the sound of someone riding off (i'm actually pretty sure it was a bike)
    7am the neighbour across the street came over to say someone had hit my bike knocking it into the back of my sisters car.

    i went out and the bike didn't have any damage from being struck, but there was a couple of chunks of mud on the right fairing and on the brake, so i'm guessing it was kicked with muddy boots.

    the back wheel was up on the kerb, and the nose of the bike was on my sisters boot, so it looks like it's pivoted round the kickstand.

    needs a new front upper fairing, and the windscreen is in shards, also might need a windscreen mount too, because that looks bent, but i've bent it back

    here's how it was/is parked (didn't get a shot of it over, but the rear wheel was on the kerb, the left mirror area was against the boot

    here's the damage, windscreen and top of faring is boned, the metal brace at the top was bent in

    the arc the kickstand sc****d in the groud

    here it is after i bent the metal frame brace back, and humpty dumpty'd the pieces back together. i'll add some gaffer and start hunting fairings.

  2. Havent you got a bedroom you can park it in??
    Seriously, when i didnt have offstreet parking for the bike it was in the kitchen/bedroom overnight.
  3. Good luck,try and avoid leaving it parked like that,do you think it was pushed or hit by a car.Cars do reverse or turn out hitting bikes as they swing out,and they dont see it in the rear mirror cause their expecting to see a car,id leave it on the foot path or driveway,cheers
  4. yeah it's off street from now on. i actually considered putting it on the footpath, but thought it'd be more likely to be pushed over there by some raging pedestrian pensioner (lots of cranky olds in my street)
  5. [​IMG]

    Don't F&^K with a man's vehicle.
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  6. son of a biatch

    going through a similar thing right now with the missus' bike

    keep us posted how ya go.
  7. Some people are idiots, shame that it could of been another bike though.
  8. Pure bastards mate:censored:.
  9. sister's ex maybe or your ex?

    Eitherway, what a prick........................
  10. That's unpleasant! I wouldn't park my bike on the road. Maybe get something to go under the sidestand, and park it on the grass (yeah, don't block the footpath, those pensioners are animals).
  11. :(

    My across has the fairing broken in the exact same spot :D

    And more.

    Nice neighbour to inform you tho :D
  12. that sucks big time, park it out back, out of sight out of mind!! Hope its fixed soon!
  13. From your post it sounds like it might have even been an accident. Riding away however certainly was no an accident.

    My advice would be to thank them. Find out who did it, hunt them down and thank them hard in the face with a large hammer. :)

    Keep ya bike off street in future yeah. :) Bedroom or lounge is best. Put it in the laundry if it leaks oil though. :)
  14. Damn that sucks...I have never parked my bike off street, but the closest would be parking at the stairs to the front door, never had an issue with it. Maybe try and park the bike closer to the front door? if you have grass/soft ground near the front door, buy one of those pucks you can put under the stand to spread the load so the bike doesn't sink...or just dig a hole and put a spare brick in it for the stand.
  15. Man that would give me the S$@%S big time!

    I park my bike on the street every night, but i leave it on a quiet dead end road right near the u-turn point. Haven't had any problems yet, touch wood.
  16. So you say around 5ish you heard someone ride/drive off, I'm guessing if you heard them it was a hurried drive off ?

    With the 'alleged' muddy boot print on your fairing my would be thinking it was deliberate, and be looking for someone you have pissed off lately?
    It wont prove anything but might put a reason behind it for you.

    In hindsight is there anyway as others have suggested to get your bike in off the road and out of sight ?

    ps : if my bike was out on the street and I heard something out of the ordinary I would have been up and outside quick smart, but thats just me I guess.
  17. For cowardly scum that kick over a unattended bike there is only 1 wish i have for them,

    May a full grown african bull elephant lay eggs in there lower intestine.

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  18. Bull ants maybe?

    Bull elephants are
    1. Male Elephants
    2. Non monotreme mammals and therefore incapable of laying eggs.

    You could always just say, "May you get arse punched by an elephant".
    That works.
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  19. never leave your bike on the road over night, the foot path, the driveway or even the garden are better options