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F 800 GS vs R1200 GS Adventure

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by Joker, Sep 2, 2008.

  1. Im looking to buying one of them, but I am a bit torn. I love throwing a bike around tasmanian twisties, and enjoy running off exploring trails and tracks.

    I think the 800 would probably be more fun in the twisties and easier to pickup out of the trails, but the 1200 has a motor that is reputed to be bullet proof, I like the looks better and I wont have to lube a chain.

    The bike is likely to be used frequently to get to work and back, so I really like the idea of a solid reliable bike above all else.

    All comments, flames, wild speculation, guesses, opinions welcome :p

    I have no idea where bmw developed their 800 from, and dont want to be a guinuepig.
  2. Only bit I can confidently answer - the F800GS takes its engine from the F800S/F800ST where it's been used for a few years now. To the best of my knowledge, that engine's been faultless in the S and ST bikes.
  3. The F800GS has a 21 inch front wheel which will help it's off road ability no end but the downside is that the on road cornering won't be as good as with a 19 inch front wheel.

    If you like road twisties then the the 1200GS will be faster and handle better.
  4. If off-road big twins are what you're after, also look at KTM 950/990 - although you're gonna need to be tall.

    Then there are the 650/1000 Stroms also popular, but a bit more road focussed

    Many are saying the F800GS to be the "ultimate" bike, just arrived here, but been overseas for some time.

    Not too many 1200GS owners here and plenty of write ups on 800GS's as well at www.advrider.com
  5. Ta, I didnt pick the 21'v19' front wheel.

    Im taking an adventure out for a spin on saturday, and honestly I suspect I will order one on the spot.

    My last bike was an xtz660 tenere, and I hope I will appreciate a silky smooth motor over the thumper.

    KTM are 2nd on the list though, but I hope the bmw makes for a better daily rider.

    I just dread the day it goes down and needs to be picked up. Big reason to consider the 800
  6. Well it wasnt as I expected, tbh I think my old thumper vibrated less.

    Suspension was the best I have ever been on
    Generally the steering felt accurate.
    Throttle felt a bit twitchy
    Breaks were fantastic, I managed to find a nice dirt road and tackled it with all the computer assists. I did manage to get the front a bit sideways through a soft gravel corner, but the bike did most of regaining control for me. It was a bit dissapointing hitting the throttle on exit as it just blurped, mifired and refused to go. No sideways powerslides:(. I also played with the ABS rear a bit, and I found it didnt interfeared that much, although I was aware it had activated. I wasnt game to play with the front ABS on windy dirt roads.

    Keep in mind I spent a total of an hour on it, and probably like 20mins offroad (on knobblies).

    More go in it than I will use on a day to day rider, and it would probably take me years to ride it anywhere near its potential.

    I was also a bit concerned with all the bits hanging off the side it wont filter as nicely, and I wont be able to get the lean angle. Probably worried about nothing there, but for some reason I can just visulise the head guard touching the tarmac and showering me in sparks.

    While I was all set to order one before the ride, the amount of vibration held me back. I am hoping to get on the 800 next week and see how that compares.

    Im also open to other ideas, Any other suggestions? I just dont like the looks of the vstrom, KTM seem a bit focused on the offroad side, though that could be fun on the twisties.
  7. The heads may look like they stick out a bit but your knees stick out more as do the bars and mirrors, its all a bit deceiving optically.
  8. If you get the head guard scraping on a GS - you've already lost it. Get someone to hold it while you lean the bike over to see just how far it has to be over before you scrape anything. It's got a better lean angle than many road bikes.
  9. What a crock of shit. Are you trying to tell us that when you're off roading your knees are going to get hit before the cylinder heads? :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  10. I think you'll find smee is referring to filtering, not off-roading ... duh ...
  11. My bad. I had offroading in my mind as the major concern as in his first post. As soon as you go off road, smaller is always better :)
  12. Reckon you'll be right :wink:

  13. Took the 800 for a blurt today. I knew almost right away it was the right bike. I was smiling within mins of being on it. Its a bike begging to get into trouble :D

    A bit sad the demo had road tyres on.

    Lots of wheelie potential, and it felt far more managable and nimble over the 1200.

    I placed a deposit and the dealer should have my new bike in a month or so.
  14. Congrats! I like the look of the 800. Enjoy.
  15. out of curiosity... what's the retail on the 800?
  16. Read elsewhere $19,950 incl ABS + $2,750 for Panniers and bash plate :shock:
  17. Theres so many options, buy yea $20,100 onroad, and I ordered some odd 800 worth of toys including the bash plate.

    This might be the only time I ever get a brand new toy.

    I hope to get a good few years of reliable riding from it.

    You dont want to hear my horror stories of bike mechanics, other than to stay away from yamaha especially the crooks in SA. Hopefully dealer warranty and service from BMW will be upto scratch. Their workshops certianly check out.

    And lastly I expect a bike the quallity of the test bike I rode. The welding was some of the best I have ever seen.
  18. pick my 800gs up last friday, on-road with abs was $19,915 (nsw). Rode back from canberra in 90kph wind gusts, not to much fun, but nice ride down the alpine way.

    nice riding two-up, but have to replace the tyres before I take it off-road, hopefully will do it during the 1000km service.

    also looking at touratech handguards and a bashplate.

    anyone got a price on the bmw bashplates, and handguard?
  19. my dealer provided me with a full accessories brochure last yeah that contained all accessories for all bikes and a RRP list with it.

    Or you could just look them up on the bmw website.
  20. Only a couple of days behind ya - we were in Khancoban Sunday arvo

    Look forward to your reports of the 800 :cool: