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F 700 GS, MT-09 Tracer, Versys or MT-09?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by pincho, Feb 28, 2015.

  1. So it looks like I'll be a buying a new bike in the near future, within the next month hopefully. I am using as a daily commuter, in wet and dry weather, through some heavy traffic on motorway and city streets., doing 30-40km each way. Facing fact's this will be a majority of my riding. I also hope to do a bit longer rides about 100-300km each way 5-10 times a year. Happy to hear anybody's input especially if you own or have ridden one of the above. All advice appreciated.happy riding.

  2. MT-09 Tracer looks like a good bit of kit!

    Few mates now have mt-09s... love the engine. The tracer makes it into a good commuter/tourer
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  3. Yep totally agree, love the MT-09 engine seems like the tracer would be a brilliant ride. The specs and reveiw look great can't wait to get on one. I can get a near new demo F 700GS and a MT-09 for considerably cheaper. Decisions decisions
  4. I would prob go the mt09 but then again I would prob look at a few year old z1000 instead
  5. Good option, I have ruled out most spot bikes as my body especially left knee, doesn't like the ride position. But am becoming a lot more open minded, especially about adding height with a higher seat to lesson knee bend.
  6. Deposit down on best value for money. I went for the MT09 less than $12k, bit of cash left over for future mids, and accessories.
  7. Not sure where to post this question. Hopefully here is OK.

    Since my Blackbird has gone to "repairable writeoff heaven" I'm looking around for a replacement. Criteria 1 is that it's comfortable to right, more upright than the B'Bird.

    Some have mentioned various bikes including the MT09 Tracer. Just wondering if anyone here has one or has ridden one and if so, what's ie like in terms of comfort for long trips and the engine's characteristics.

    I'm sort of leaning towards the new Suzy Vstrom. Its 1l engine produces max torque at around 4,000 rpm (the Tracer at 8,000 rpm. But until I can source a test ride for either bike without having to sign my life away first in case I get some dust on it, I'm undecided.
  8. I own an MT-09 and I have sat on and looked at the Tracer which is a very nice bike and a lot of value for money and you could easily do long trips on the Tracer.

    Now you have to be careful with these numbers and make sure you are comparing apples with apples.

    The Strom makes its maximum torque at close to redline (6,500rpm) it is probably true it makes a lot of torque if not most at low RPM as that is what the engine is tuned to do. The Tracer is the same Maximum Torque at close to redline but Most of that torque is produced down low in the rev range

    The MT-09 makes a maximum ~80nm of torque at ~8,000rpm but it makes ~72nm of torque at 3,000rpm.

    The MT-09 is packs a massive amount of torque for it's size and weight, I'd imagine the Tracer is the same.

    Ultimately you have to sit on these bikes to make a decision numbers on paper mean little.

    I just bought a Super tenere which would also suite your needs.
  9. Thanks for the info. I didn't really find anything out there that explained the engines' characteristics other than straight out values.

    I just bought a Super tenere which would also suite your needs.[/QUOTE]
    Didn't think about those. Just looked at some on Bikesales. They're not cheap compared to either the 'strom or the Tracer. And it weighs more than what my Blackbird did, if the figures there are correct.

    The reviews say that the Tracer gets the same dash as the Tenere. But the dash on the Teneres that I saw on BS are different to what I just seen on Yamaha's website (it's a rectangular unit with plain LCD look to it).

    Trying to find out what info that it displays, other than ECU mode, fuel economy and gear position. The reviews say these things "...and more". More what???

    I'll wait til the local dealer gets the Tracer in and perhaps I can get a ride on it.

    Thanks for your input.
  10. If your looking at the vstrom because of its low down torque go and take a ninja 1000 or z1000 for a spin.
  11. Both are available as demonstrators in Melbourne CBD by the usual suspects - call ahead, book it in - show up.....ride.
  12. Getting into the CBD is a pain for me as it's a 2hr drive or longer on the train.

    Besides, riding about around the city doesn't exactly enthrall me. I'd rather be able to get it out onto the roads that I normally ride. So, hopefully, the local Yamaha dealer will get one in soon. I tried to take a Vstrom for a ride (nearby not not local) but the bike, being brand new, not reg, would have a trade plate on it, no insurance, so if I damaged it I'd be up for the lot. No thanks.

    As for the Kawasakis, I'm looking for something that's not a 4 cyl. I'd like something that isn't as bulky as what the Blackbird was, nor as heavy. ie. something like, torquey, skinny, upright seating, etc..

    If the Tracer fits the bill, great. If not, I'll keep looking. I'm in no rush.
  13. Your looking at older model Tenere's. Here is the early write up I did #24

    I go into what it displays in fair detail, essentially it is trip computer with 3 pages that can be customised to display what ever you want in whatever order. My tenere is the 2015 ES so it is also where you do all your electronic suspension setup

    You get a lot more standard than both those bikes

    Not sure about the older Tenere's but the 2015 model fully fuelled is lighter than a blackbird and thats even with a shaft drive as opposed to the birds chain.
  14. Fairly jealous of your MT09 super Tenere combo iClint. It's a damn nice combo.
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  15. Thanks man, I'm pretty pleased with them to! :D
  16. Is it just me or does the V-Strom just look like a typo nobody fixed?

    Know what it means... but it just looks wrong :(
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  17. Hey I'm just reading an old thread on running in a new bike did you give it some it the first 200km and get the revs up or take it easy, obviously taking it easy on tyres and brakes fresh out of the box, but revs wise?
  18. Yeah typo for sure lol
  19. Run in as per manual, as with every new bike I've owned and never had a problem with.

    Tyres I just got stuck into, brakes I took it easy on they didn't bite to hard right off or more that that the didn't bite as hard as I am used to.
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  20. Hi I've got a wee strom which I love but I am drooling over the new Tiger 800 XCx and XRx (engine/mapping/cruise/2x12v outlets)
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