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Discussion in 'Links Directory' started by xenforo, Oct 10, 2006.

  1. Tow bar mounted motor cycle carrier for off-road bikes

    EziMoTow is a fully patented vehicle mounted motorcycle transporter that eliminates the need for a trailer or ute, enabling easy and convenient transport.

    EziMoTow connects to the receiver of the vehicle’s tow bar and is operated by a hydraulic jack, making for simple one person operation. The carrier is lowered under the frame of the motorcycle, where it is then secured into position by the footpegs, eliminating the need for tie downs. The suspension of the motorcycle is not loaded during transport protecting oil seals and suspension settings.

    EziMoTow is raised into position using the hydraulic jack and then locked into position for transport by a locking bolt, eliminating any torsional movement. The motorcycle is carried high at the rear of the vehicle so the rake angle of the vehicle is not compromised.