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Eyes tested, got specs .. still not happy

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by VCM, Nov 14, 2009.

  1. Well as some of you know I got my eyes tested last week due to a 'rude awakening I experienced.
    They mentioned something about pressure being a little above what it should be.
    Had lenses fitted to a pair of frames I had previous.
    The first time I put the specs on, walking out the store.. I almost tripped :rofl:
    The new vision was very wierd, I felt higher off the ground ( thought I'd grown some height ).. and walking become a series of raised knee functions, almost like walking through sticky mud.
    ok.. need some time for eyes to adjust.
    First ride was also strange. The bike seemed like it had a full metre ground clearance and leaning felt REAL uneasy. I decided to give it more time. So a week later I still feel things are not quite right. I drove with them on last night and found street lights/traffic lights VERY glarey... is this normal???
    Something else I am noticing is that my left eye STILL appears to view things ( writing on signs etc ) a little blurred.
    Strange thing I also noticed was a little symbol embedded in both lenses.. was thinking WTF????
    Have used Windows paint to try and duplicate it .. does anyone know WTF this is?

    I'm going back for a visual field test today, but will make it a point to ask about this. Must also look at larger lenses I think. The ones I have don't seem to wanna stay put on my nose and as a result move up and at times 'twist'.

    Grabbed a copy of my prescription to compare with my old ones, but its all foreign language to me.:|

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  2. contacts, mate, contacts.
  3. Its funny you measion this,when I got mine I found colours were ammasingly vivid and seeing a film was like 3D.It definatly took some getting used to.I also got some kind of anti scratch coating on them that crazed a couple of weeks later,have a chat to the optomatric.My latest problem happened with my reading glasses,I was asked if I wantd the focal length set for book reading,less than 300mm from your face or computer use 400
    to 500mm,I picked book distance and found it a pain in the arse,so went to the bigger distance,much better
  4. I got my first glasses at age 14; it DID take some getting used to.

    The little marks are codes defining the centre of the lens, as I understand it.
  5. It looks as if your eyes have got a little worse - nothing too dramatic - but they have also developed astigmatism. I have that as well. It definitely causes straight lines and light points to blur, and even with glasses you'll find that you can't read signs as far away as you once could. It also means that you will only get a certain amount of benefit from normal contact lenses. They do make special lenses for astigmatism, but they are pretty expensive. So you can get normal contact lenses that will correct for the myopia, but the astigmatism will still cause lights to go blurry and roadsigns to be hellish to read.

    I wear my specs all the time, so it only takes me a few days to adjust to a new prescription. Do you only wear them when you ride or drive? If so, I'd recommend just keeping them on all day for a week and see how that goes.
  6. Things definitely should have settled down after a week. I always get headaches for the first few days after a new prescription, but they fade to the background within a week.

    Maybe you need new frames, some that will stay put on your nose, maintaining the correct distance of the lens from your eyes, giving you the correct picture.

    Sounds / looks like you may have an astigmatism (non-uniform curvature of the eye). Lenses that take this into account should reduce glare, not exacerbate it. Maybe the prescription is wrong too. It can get awfully confusing with the eye specialist asking "this one, or that one" again and again and again.

    Good luck Vinnie!
  7. The little marks in the lens are the details of the prescription, embedded there so that, if you need to have them replaced, you don't have to dig around to find the prescription again (at least that's what my optometrist told me, and I'm a trusting soul)

    Yes, I'd get it cheked. The standard test for your eyes does NOT check for astigmatism, it's a separate test altogether (and it's boring, too!)
  8. The distortion is normal, usually worse with small lenses. You should adapt to it. Give it a couple more weeks. But your prescription is not strong so you may be sensitive to distortion to begin with.

    Go back and complain about the left eye being blurry. That should not be the case. Make 'em fix it.

    Glare at night is par for the course I'm afraid. Some lens materials are better than others. Contacts are often worse for this. No good for astigmatism either.

    Get that pressure tested regularly (at the very least, annually). Do not neglect this, and report any narrowing vision or shimmering effects. The visual field test will also highlight anything that needs attention.
  9. I tried contacts. Most unpleasant thing I ever did. Not only did they feel like they were made of sandpaper, but every time I blinked things went blurry, and the damned things spun in my eyes due to the nature of the type of lens.

    On the other hand, I recently found out that one of my mates has contacts. Never EVER seen him take them out or put them in, and they never seem to bother him at all. So it must be different for everyone I guess.
  10. Putting on a dirty contact lens is probably the quickest and easiest way of making a grown man cry, the pain is on par with or surpasses a solid knock to the marbles. They can also be a right pain in the arse if there is a rip or cut in them, or the edge has torn a bit. Been wearing contacts for six years without any real hassle. Been wearing glasses since I was seven. Glasses may be a bit better and more focused, but I would take contacts over glasses any day for the sake of practicality. The biggest issue is cost and clean hands.
  11. Ah good old astigmatism! You may find you'll have to retest and get another set of glasses made up, I've found a really good optometrist up here, [ about the only good thing I have found grrr ] who got me to do the test 3 times over a week before she was happy with the results then made a cheap $60 set with no extras to check it was right before I forked out $500+ for 3 new sets.
    It was well worth the extra hassle, the trial set is used for work only now and I don't think I have ever had as good as vision as I have now. All my other ones where never quiet right ](*,)

    As for contacts ?? Not really an option with astigmatism, they have to be weighted so they don't spin to keep the alignment right. So for me when I tried them ( and believe me I persevered for a f/night ) ... ever had and eyelash stuck in your eye for 15hrs a day for two weeks ? Thats what it felt like and I could NOT get used to it.

    Four years ago I even looked at laser surgery. Guess what? As per 4 years ago my eyes are no good for the pain free all good in a day surgery. Oh we can do it, but one eye at a time over two months and you wont get the full effect for up to a year, then it might not work. But if it don't take you can come back and have it done again for free !

    Best part ... double the cost and for those that have ever had "flash burns" from welding you'll know the voluntary pain I was going to put myself through for a week at a time.
    $9k is a few pairs of glasses.
  12. FWIW ive had glasses / contacts for 15 odd years, (-2.75) which have both made me see great, but i never liked glasses for sports ie: dirt biking / snowboarding / jet skiing.
    Water sports are also out for contacts and they do get scratchy and can be very fiddly and awkward to get in / out the first few weeks. I used to ride in dusty conditions (with goggles) with them and just take the little washer thing and give them a rince once or twice throughout the day.. but if i ever forgot any of that stuff ..grrrr....in three words hassle, hassle, hassle..

    However....I just had lasik surgery done last month ..cost $6000.00 but damn things are as clear ive EVER seen. Ive thrown out all my old script glasses, contact holders, cleaners ets. (y)
  13. Thanks for all your input guys. I returned to the optometrist and expressed my concerns. He put me through the eye test again and as a result found that my left eye prescription need to be changed slightly. He ordered another lense ( no charge).
    Another pressure test found much the same as last week, a little on the high side of average but nothing to worry about YET.
    Then the VF test . YEP BORING !!!! Good news there, Peripheral vision was fine. Well Done he says. Phew!
    He recommended not using contacts, as I'd have to remove them or wear reading glasses in order to read with contacts on, so kinda pointless.
    He showed me some that were recommended for riding, where the lenses wrapped around, but way too expensive for me ( Oakley, Nike etc )
    So I ordered another 2 more pairs of cheaper frames.. so 3 in total.. two pairs for driving ( one with a dark tint ..sunnies ) and one pair with larger lenses for riding.

    Hey Bob, your post made my eyes water. I've had flash burns 2-3 times when I was a wee-boy, and bugger me it felt like my eyes were filled with sand.
    New lense should be ready in a few days, then I guess it's just a matter of giving myself time to adjust. ( thanks titus ).
  14. SMP, dude. SMP.
  15. Ummm... didn't realise you were getting multiple pairs. You WILL adjust to the distortion of perspective (it's a brain thing, not an eye thing and your brain learns how to adapt). But I assume you've got a couple of different styles? That will give your brain a bit more work to do. Stick to one pair until you're fully adapted, and then work on introducing the others later.

    ( I should declare at this point that I have no clinical qualifications BTW, although I do work in the industry).
  16. I ride with my normal glasses on. Gotta admit, it's a pain to take off the glasses before putting on the helmet...but I find contacts a pain in the butt. And you never know when they could stick on you.
  17. I had lenses before this easy solution stuff you used, you had to put in a neutralizing tablet into the solution before you could wear them. One morning I forgot to put the tablet in, it was like pouring acid in my eye!! Worst thing ever. Pain was so bad that I had to pry my eye open to get it out while the bastard kept burning! Eyes were blood red after that. Never forgot the tablet after that experience!
  18. My eye error is worse than -8.25 in each eye. I'd had glasses since I was 8 years old, and yes: they were a chore when putting on/taking off a helmet.

    LASIK couldn't fully correct my error, but I had Phakic Itraocular Lenses (contact lenses they stick inside your eye!) done in March this year by Michael Lawless at The Vision Eye Institute.

    Cost incl anaesthetist and time off work, about $10k.

    I have perfect vision, no need to take out or clean lenses, no scratchiness in my eyes - just normal, kickarse eyesight. Helmet goes on, helmet comes off. And I can take sunglasses with me places, instead of the big stupid tinted visor if I'll be coming home in different light conditions.

    I would do it again, at twice the price.
  19. Damn .. thats what I call permanent lenses bonk!
    Kudos to You, I bet it must be great to suddenly have 20/20 without the hassles involved in using specs or contacts.
    I'm anxious to pick up my other 2 specs this week. Will modify one pair for ease of fitment inside my lid.
  20. Bonk... Ooh! I'm excited! I'd be interested in that! I'll be running to my optometrist in the near future!

    I wear disposable soft contact lenses... no huge problems with them... I ride with them, and carry my glasses JUST in case grit gets in my eye, and i have to take the contacts out... Never happened, but I'm paranoid... :D

    But, the thought of never wearing contacts again?? Nice... :)
    I'm guessing I won't be elligible for surgery like that?? I have astigmatism in both eyes... they change too much for surgery like that to be worthwhile long term I imagine - not mention, the justification of the cost... but, contacts lenses INSIDE the eye?? I'm impressed! :D

    (looking forward to the day when an imperfection like poor eyesight can be completely eradicated from this earth... *sigh*)