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Eyes, sight and Cops! (wa)

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by CelticKnight, Aug 16, 2010.

  1. Hey everyone, Absolutely destroyed at the moment, im in WA and i just went for my R-E class. (250CC or lower bike) Okay.. im just starting off with bikes.. but i gotta start somewhere..

    Anyway. I went through all the paperwork etc, was told i do not need to do a written test of any kind, i just have to apply for the license.

    It all went good until i had to sit an eyesight exam. Now i can drive a car FINE. but my left eye is almost totally blind. I can determine shapes, and it works enough to give me depth perception. But i have been told because my left eye cannot complete the eye exam good enough, that i must have my eyes checked by an doctor.

    Why on earth do i need an eye exam because i know one of my eyes cannot read correctly? i can prove depth perception and have been driving for years, with no problems at all.

    Anyone from WA shed any light on this? is there anything i can do about this? i know some people have been able to get driving licenses with only one eye! As long as they could see, and they could drive safely.

    Know whats worse is there talking about, if i fail this damn exam i could have my license restricted to daylight hours, or removed from me completely!! (this is a disaster, i work nights!!).

    Anyone able to help
  2. Re: Eyes, sight and Cops!

    My brother has is also mostly blind in one eye and he got his WA licence without a problem. However that was more that 30 years ago so the rules may have changed since then.

    Hope it goes well for you.
  3. Re: Eyes, sight and Cops!

    Go to an optometrist and get a few contact lenses prescribed for your eye and don't tell them. Show up for the test, blitz them and they'll never know you have an issue.

    On my license declaration I said I wear contacts however my license doesn't require me to wear them :s
  4. Re: Eyes, sight and Cops!

    Slight problem about getting contacts/glasses, i used to wear glasses, they have NEVER helped me.. all they ever did was make me feel very sick.

    The problem (at least i believe) isnt the eye itself, its the cognition in the brain. I know i had a clot in my brain when i was born, and it seems to have given a follow on effect of difficulty seeing in one eye.

    This is something i've seen 'experts' all my life about, Nothing ever really helped. but then again i never really NEEDED help! Because i can see perfectly fine with my right eye, and theres enough vision to give me depth perception

    The only thing that lets me down is these DAMN EYE TESTS!
  5. Re: Eyes, sight and Cops!

    How and why did they know that you can't see that well out of one eye?
    In NSW its a matter or an eye test to see things far away...so you should have been able to be tested with both and seen how you went?
  6. Re: Eyes, sight and Cops!

    they make you check for vision in both eyes here... Something about tunnel vision.

    its absolutely stupid. like almost everything else WA.
  7. Re: Eyes, sight and Cops!

    How is ensuring you are not a hazzard to other road users stupid? People on here are always getting anoyed at the SMIDSY syndrome. Here is a government agency actually vetting people who use the public road system, there isn't enough of that going around.
    Have you even bothered going for the test, you may be allowed to drive.

    Can you see and drive safely? So what is the problem?
  8. Re: Eyes, sight and Cops!

    Sorry, I'm with him. It's a road safety issue. It's the same in Vic and NSW.
  9. OP: maybe the road authority in WA is only trying to cover it's arse. They've discovered there is an issue with one of your eyes, and want to be assured that they can't be sued if it leads to an accident (?)
    An annual eye test is paid for by Medicare. Go and get the test done, telling them about your vision history and the licencing issue. (You don't need to tell them what kind of vehicle, OK?) and that you want a written assessment.
    My guess is that if your good eye passes and there is no other issue, you will sail through licensing. On the other hand if the optometrist tells you that you have a potentially dangerous problem, wouldn't it be better to know about it?

    I had to prove to Vicroads that I was legal to drive after Lasik surgery, so I got a written assessment. Once someone else took responsibility for the assessment they couldn't have cared less.
  10. Bollocks. As a WA road user, I'm rather glad that the Dept of Transport is attempting to ensure that anyone holding a license to drive is capable of seeing me.

    DoT are not eyesight specialists. Their test is pretty basic and not tuned for special cases like yours. If they're in any doubt. they will ask for confirmation from a specialist that all is well, as they appear to have done in your case.

    Now go and jump through the appropriate hoops and you'll probably be fine. If you're not, well then you can feel suitably hard done by and adopt the standard WA practice of driving unlicensed and uninsured. But be warned. You'd really prefer not to hit me or mine under those circumstances.
  11. Personally I feel for you but I'm glad they're checking for vision in both eyes. I think they'd be negligent if they didn't.
  12. Do people not recall the story of the guy blind in one eye, partially damaged vision in the other, and he ran over a rider waiting to turn right, and got off?

    I would say it's definitely a serious issue and I'd rather not have people with crap vision on the roads.

    Get the eye exam, stop bitching on here and trying to make us sorry for you.

    If that guy who had killed the rider had had an eye exam prior to getting his licence, they might have rejected him, and the rider might not have had to die that day.
  13. Obviously being from NSW I can't comment on any other state, but, the eye sight test done by the RTA is a joke.

    I've been wearing glasses (I'm short sighted) for over 20 years and just don't feel safe riding/driving without them on. But, up until 3 years ago I could still pass the minimum sight requirement without my glasses, which quite frankly scares the shit out me knowing there is a real chance that there are people driving who have really bad eyesight and either don't know it or ignore it.

    Get your eyes checked by an optometrist
  14. Yup, our eye-test at the RTA is crap. I saw an 85 year old man who look like he shoulda been on his death-bed and I saw him trying to read the number when his ticket was called (which he couldn't properly read anyways) "darling, was that our number?" "oh i don't know, that sign is just too hard to read".
  15. Ah. I can see sense in what thier trying to do now if theyre trying to cover thier own ass. That kind of makes sense. Yeah. I'm going to jump through the appropriate hoops as one said, Possibly get contacts.. its a pain in the neck.. But im left with little other choice.

    Ah well thanks for your inputs, you have made me feel less pissed off with the idea. It most likely is them covering thier ass. Hopefully i can get this all worked out.

    Thanks all!

  16. It KIND OF MAKES SENSE? What kind of bullshit statement is that?

    The kid who died on the bike... His father is on here. If he read this he'd tell you you're a complete idiot, I'm sure. And maybe a lot of other stuff.

    It's not covering THEIR arse, it's making sure YOU will not be putting others lives at risk.
  17. I have to say that I think that's a pretty high horse you're on lowercase.

    Some facts about vision: about 60% of the population have less than road legal vision in at least one eye, and about half of those do not use (or need) any kind of correction to function normally. Not optimally, perhaps, but normally.

    Secondly, not all vision conditions can be 'fixed' by glasses or contacts (or surgery, for that matter).

    Thirdly, a helluva lot of people do not know they have any vision impairment. Some conditions 'sneak up' on you without you even noticing. It's nobody's 'fault' that they don't know, but there is a solution. Which is why I keep telling people to get regular tests.

    The OP has been functioning normally for many years with less than perfect vision, as do many other people. But the WA road authority is right to get it checked by a qualified professional rather than take his word for it.
  18. I'm not on a high-horse. I'm just stating that if you KNOW you have poor vision, don't go bitching and complaining to getting an eye test!! It's dangerous enough as it is on the roads.
  19. Exactly. Although it does explain way so many cager say "Sorry, I didn't see you".