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Eyes Open and Place Yourself Right

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Scorpious31, Jun 25, 2007.

  1. I got whats below from another Perth Forum and felt I should post it here too for everyone to take heed. (I didnt write it)

    Mods,If this is incorrect area I apologise and feel free to move it,I didt know where to place it to be honest as it is for new and older riders,is a Road hazard and probably a few others too.


    Traveling about 70m behind a glass truck today @ about 90km/h i had one of the most frightening experiences ever. The truck dropped half a sheet of glass off the side. I thought it would have smashed into oblivion all over the road but two very large chunks came barrelling back down the road towards me. Fortunately I was in the cage as the force of the glass hitting the bonnet was enough to dent it and leave a nice gouge in the windscreen.

    Im just sooo f&#king glad I wasnt on the bike.
  2. Cripes...
  3. Suddenly the old adage "it fell off the back of a truck" isnt so pleasant.
  4. what a fkn freaky experience.

    much less dramatic situation, but i got swiped right up one side of my cage last year and simultaneously shunted into another car on the other side and all i could think the entire time was 'thank god i'm in the car, thank god i'm in the car'. probably why i'm absolutely paranoid about head-checking these days whether on the bike or in the car.
  5. Well this certainly adds glass trucks to the 'avoid at all costs' list.
  6. This is probably a warning for me as I like to ride right up to the bac kof a truck or a bus to avoid wind. I only ride 10-15m behide it @ 100Km/h.

    I know,I know, its a very bad thing I'm doing. I'll keep my distance next time....
  7. I was helping some friends move furniture once, and one of us lost a bookshelf off the back of a trailer. Once they reached 100km/h, it had enough lift to just take off. Very lucky it didn't hit anyone.

    Ever since then I've always insisted on tying down my own loads. If you're driving, it's your job to keep your load secure.

    (I make an exception with the 10 tonnes of concrete on the back of the truck I'm learning to drive though - it's been there since they bought the truck, and I'm sure it's not going anywhere).
  8. I just remembered, someone I knew had to explain to her insurance company that they hit a couch on the freeway doind 100km/h.

    She was following a truck carrying a load of furniture and the couch fell of the back of the truck and she couldnt avoid it. The truck had unknowingly carried on and she didnt get the reg details of the truck in time. Lukily she was in a car.... :)
  9. Probably a good idea never to follow another vehicle that carries something out in the open like that - such as utes, car trailers etc. Seen too many things fly off those trucks whilst in a cage. :roll:
  10. I haven't seen anything dangerous fly off but I've seen a guy dragging a mattress once that had slipped off and another had decided to fit an oversized water bed in the back of his SUV. it started to "Seep" out on to the street. that was funny to watch.
  11. Came across a surfboard in the middle of the rd..two guys walking back to get it. I try not to sit behind utes/trailers for this reason. Log trucks as well - anyone seen Final Destination :wink:
  12. A mate of mine came off in the path of a glass truck. The truck braked, the glass flew forward, smashed over him and the road, then the truck dragged him for some distance through the broken glass.

    Good gear meant nothing, the glass just sliced through the leather and his guts. He survived (just), but is still getting small pieces of glass ooze out of the scars all up the front of his body some years later.

    Yeah, give them a miss.
  13. A few years ago a motorcylce police rider was killed on the M3 freeway when hit by a loose piece of wood from a truck. I think he was decapitated.

    From memory it was a firewood truck and the load wasn't covered.

    The driver was unaware he had even caused an accident and it wasn't until a few until details came out in the press that he was found (and I suppose given a good solid beating).

    Since then, the cops and RTA are rightfully onto any load that is not covered.

    Still, ya gotta pass fast or back off.
  14. Gulp! :shock:

    This morning I was splitting through stationary traffic, and passed a semi carrying a large sheet of steel that protruded from the side of the load bed at least 30 cm at neck height.

    Thankfully the driver had secured some sort of bright yellow object (didn't have time to see what exactly) at the corners of the sheet, but it was a good reminder to watch the sides of trucks as well as the rear!