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eyes also up!!!! or heads off

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by jeffatav, Aug 17, 2007.

  1. I was coming home from work this arvo along wakehurst parkway from Seaforth to Forestville and came up behind a slow 3t tipper chock full of someones rubbish without a rope in sight.

    I thought I will try and get past this thing quick smart, but the oncoming traffic was busy so I backed right off just in case.

    And sure enough, as the truck gained speed and with the wind blowing as well, off the top of his "stack" of rubbish came flying one of those hard plastic corrugated water tanks right where I was following.

    I countered around it and shook my head and the van behind also swerved and as the good samaritin, stopped and moved it off the road.

    Now at this point I thought, do I catch up or what......................and being tired and emotional after a bad week at work, I sorta shrugged but still kept my distance. When we came to some lights, I filtered up and was going to have a go but the driver was a young boneheaded moronic idiot on the phone and oblivious to the world.

    I know I shoulda said something but I was just too knackered to go there.

    SO.........watch the load in front as well and predict the unpredictable. In this case, I would have been smashed full on if I was closer.

  2. dude that really does suck :-(

    Dude you said it was a plastic water tank ouch, did the truckie notice it come off or was he completely oblivious?

    Sounds like something out of a James Bond film :cool:
  3. This is a very good point, I also was following a tipper with dual rear tyres, and 1/2 brick was stuck inbetween them, it flicked out and if I didnt duck it would have hit me in the face. Needless to say I had to replace the helmet after that!

    I see alot of these hazard on Sydney roads all the time, just keep an eye out riders!
  4. Big tip for new riders ,NEVER sit behind a truck or ute. Its a good tip Jeff.

    I was in the M5 tunnel and the trucks front tyre {tyre and rim} come off and it passed me doing 80kph .. I droped down a gear and gunned it to out run the tyre before it hit the wall and bounced of the tunnel roof :shock:
    Bloody truck drivers ,opps that me :oops: :p :LOL:
  5. especially a tipper, and more importantly a sealing works tipper!!
    unless you want to be sandblasted....with BOULDERS!

    its true, some do let a few bits past the tailgate :(
    we do try to keep on top of it, but whats good at the start of the day isnt always good at the end of the day....and the only way we find out is by following them ourselves :( :(
  6. report the idiot, he is required by law to have his load covered and secured....
  7. yea, report it to the cops if you remember the registration.

    I've had a tyre blow out next to me, got pelted with pieces of the tyre and that hurts! thankfully it was only a trailer tyre so the bits were fairly small...
  8. absolutely report it!
    i know people report us, and sometimes that is the only way we know that we have a problem (although a couple bits of 7mm agg doesnt do much more thank make a "chink" sound, but still, a tipper body has to be be able to hold water :shock:
    this guy sounds like a turkey though, definitely not following a safe work practice, and also breaking the law, so be extra tuff on him ;)
  9. Oblivious as hell and yakking on his phone.

    As far as reporting him, I was just too stuffed to even take note of his rego :(

    next time!!!!
  10. Similar thing happened to me a while back.

    Never NEVER sit right behind a tradey ute or a tip truck!

    Your post is a good timely reminder Jeff. :)
  11. Hmmm- I missed this when it was posted Jeff! :shock:

    Glad you are ok.

    Riding would be so much better without cars or trucks on the road! :evil: