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Eyebrow Rings?

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Sinner, Oct 29, 2008.

  1. Was just wondering if any NR had a eyebrow ring and does it effect your riding, especially during the healing process.

    Also was wondering how long can you leave it out for once it’s healed
  2. All I know is to make sure you get a f*cking top gun piercer to do eyebrows, there's a rather necessary nerve in the area.
  3. And face piercings look uber crap as well. :eek:
  4. I USED to have one (note the used to)... Dont know how much riding I'd done in the initial period, but mine never fully healed and when I bought a new helmet, it was much tighter and would have been pulling the ring out anyway, so i removed it...
    I've seen others with it in, but they might have healed before putting a helmet on... I'd give it another go if I knew i wasn't going to be riding in the near future...
  5. Personally I would avoid if possible. I used to have one, for about a year, it never really healed, eventually grew out because I kept knocking it.

    That & it could easily get caught in your helmet. Ouch.
  6. So how long does the healing process take if i didn't ride the old girl??
  7. It depends whether you knock it or not.
    Depends how well you look after it.
    Depends how quickly you heal up naturally.

    Plenty of people have no worries with it.

    Plenty of people have to take piercings out because they keep getting infected, or don't take.

    You won't know til you try.
    Go to Industrial Strength in Newtown to get it done, if you want one - ask their advice before you do it, too.
  8. The face heals quite quickly by virtue of its excellent blood supply, so I'd expect it to be fully healed in 10 days.

    However, if your eyebrow ring keeps getting caught and therefore the area keeps getting traumatised then basically it won't heal.
  9. eyebrow piercings are quite easy to do, u can feel were the nerve is quite easy. takes about 4-6 weeks to heal , sea salt is the best to use whilst the healing process.
  10. Taking it out 3 times a week for footy=not fun

    Bumping my head getting out of the car and experiencing the BALL go through the HOLE in my skin=excruciating.

    Took it out amongst much sweaing, never put it back in thankfully there isnt a scar.
  11. looks stupid IMO, imagine getting it ripped out :shock:
  12. i got alot of piercings but i do not like eyebrow, get a tattoo instead
  13. Got enough trust me
  14. Yeah dude, make sure it doesn't get infected. I had one at the top of my ear, took it out for an hour, back in and it was already fvcked. Tried to take it out, but it swelled up over the stud and had to have it cut out the back of my ear! Fun fun fun!
  15. HOLY SHIT........this happened to me aswell, but i didnt cut it out, i just got a mate with pair of long nose pliers to rip it out the back of my ear...weird shit i know.

    Ok so once its healed how long can i leave it out before hole starts to close??
  16. And to think some get them through their knob! :shock:

    Can't be convinced that it is a good idea any where near the face or the privates.

    But each to their own.

    IMO the nose piercings look the worst, it's like is that a spot, puss or some dry skin flaking off?...... Oh it's all that and a silly little stud in your nose. :LOL:
  17. I had mine for about 3 years before i started riding. took a few solid knocks and caught on clothes to start with (had a bar with spikes) but once i changed it to a clear plastic bar it never caught on anything, and everyone liked the look. plainly obvious it was there but not obtrusive. many people asked me where i got it coz they wanted one. all up it took about 3 weeks to heal because of the knocks and catching. been out for 6 months now... closed up after about 2 months (but my tongue bar which was taken out same day hasn't closed yet)
  18. Eyebrow rings are hot

    dont listen to these guys they're just jealous or a bunch of pussys! just do it.
    if it doesnt work out - take it out

  19. Eve I am far from a pussy but I think they look stoopid, but hey each to their own!
  20. Agreed