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*Eye roll* Croydon Moron

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by nil_orally, May 11, 2008.

  1. Well, it takes all kinds, and there is an example of one from the initial rising point of the bell curve in Crodyon, Vic.

    My dear old Ma (who has an attitude like the mother in "Any Which Way But Loose", and the right foot of a frustrated rally driver on occasion), was tootling around the roundabouts there, and a bike attempted to blast by her drivers door on the exit. My Ma saw a car with a wide trailer coming the other way, and judging they would not all three share the same bit of road with a pleasant outcome, swerved left to give the bike more room. The bike turned right 100m down the road.

    Hey wuckfit, if you are on this forum, you owe the sweet lady two new tyres for the ones she bruised hitting the kerb on the school crossing saving your arse.

    To quote my eloquent mother. "what a stupid &*^%#$ faggot. It was only a small bike too. Probably in a rush to get home to his pillow biting."
    (Note the quote was actually longer, I just left out the swear words. In fact a lot, lot longer...)
  2. Don't fret, just like the gentleman in vic's post, just think of it as darwin in action.

    And it's Croydon. Outer Eastern suburbs, were you expecting any different?

    (As I said to my sister, while driving up dandys @ 4am, admiring the view - "How could a city so beautiful be full of so many fwits?")
  3. they were out in force today i can tel u that...

    from 9am this morning i had almost 4 accidents today...2 on bike and 2 in cage, and i was not driving like an idiot or anything..

    sorry to hear tho, at lease everyone is ok and no injury
  4. Twas me :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: Tell your mom to give me more room next time. :twisted:
  5. So how many times a year does she get behind the wheel? :-({|=
  6. Is it a skill? Making the stupidist statement imaginable, every time?!

    Now leaving that aside, I think the old girl did well! This could have easily been a "rider down" story!

    Some-one owes thier safety to her driving skill.

    Edit: To clarify, I lived in Bayswater and spent a few years riding around that area. I know Croydon quite well and some of the roads were designed by a homicidal moron.
  7. :LOL: Professional attention seeking Tramp :wink:
  8. It's cool Doug, we all know that PP looks at the world a little differently, than most other folks.
  9. In all fairness to the rider, he/she may have had the situation completely under control and your mum might've overreacted in her concern. Don't shoot me - just I know there's been occasions where I've been quite happy doing stuff on the rd, knowing it's safe and all, but other road users haven't been so confident about it - eg. overtaking on single lane rds, with oncoming traffic flashing their lights shitting selves and overtaken car moving right over - it's like 'Chill man - it's cool...all under control'. lol.
  10. i must say you are very skillful with your story telling
    eventhough its probably another one of those pointless threads i did enjoy reading it.
    thank you, its been awhile since we've had on of these kinda threads on NR
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  12. Fair comment Rosie, but you would have to know the area to realise how stupid this trick was. It's a road narrows / deceptive slight curve / kerbing / gloomy conditions type of scenario, and was just plain rude as well as stupid. She had to slow down when he turned right a short distance up the road. Rather pointless really, as they would have saved all of 3-5 seconds.

    It took a day for the blistering on the tyres to become apparent where the steel belting had given way on the wall. She noticed the front one, went and got it looked at by the mechanic a few doors down, drove it carefully down to the tyre place,and by time she got there the back tyre wall had blistered too.

    On the bright side, if the tyres had given way while she was driving down the freeway, I would be patrolling Joffre Street with a baseball bat.

    For the record, to old crow spent 8 years as a pillion on a Norton Dominator and 5 years in a sidecar bolted to a Matchless 500. She is well aware of the capabilities of riders, as my old man's favourite trick was to pick her a flower from the side of the road as they were going around corners in English country lanes and hand it back to her. They used to do the trip to the Isle of Man every year.

    Oh and yes PP, I agree with most of the others that you are best described in terms of female anatomy.