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eye in the sky

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by simon varley, Dec 23, 2008.

  1. and while I am sort of on the topic, how many speeding fines do VicPol need to collect to cover the cost of enforcement by helicopter?

  2. Could be worse ... they could be taking Lucy with em, diamonds and all :LOL:
  3. If everyone contested their fines, affordability would be a nightmare...
  4. Considering the helicopter costs thousands of dollars per hour to run, I don't think cost vs tickets is a factor.

    If the airwing is in the air, they will support the cops on the ground.
  5. the news report I saw was the other way round. cop in the air makes a time over distance measurement with a stopwatch and radios to the cops on the ground to pull over the speeder.
  6. The Heli's pay for them selves. they're a vital part of policing.

  7. I remember reading something similar in an old late 60's copy of National Geographic. The yanks were using small planes as a means to time drivers between 2 points on a new highway. They would then radio to a car on the ground to bring them in. B*stards..
  8. Easy way to fix there wagon,when you see a painted line accross the road check over head Or slow down until the next one then there time over the marked differance is under.As they have to have a specific marker that can be used in court :grin: .considering the 3 patrol cars and 1 camera operating on the greensbourough ring road today i just wouldnt speed at the moment :wink: Also if ya see tem dont forget to wave :p
  9. Using small planes as a means to time drivers between 2 points on a highway is old school. It was common on the Hume Highway before radar and laser took over.