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Extremely Inexperienced Rider

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by JnrJack, Jul 7, 2012.

  1. Hi Everybody

    New to the forum and new rider. Am looking for any advice/links to fill mah wee heed with info and knowledge, so I stay safe on the roads.

    I just got my Ls and my Honda CB 400, and I live in Melbourne and wanted to know of any good locations to practice my skill and get the feel /used to my bike.

    Any info will be much appreciated.

  2. Re: Extreamely Unexperienced Rider

    Nice bike to learn on, I'm new to riding and the forums too. Good luck with your practise and learning, it's a lot of fun.
  3. Re: Extreamely Unexperienced Rider

    Both of you need to find the thread on the Saturday learner practice sessions, and introduce yourselves on there. There's a few riders who volunteer their time each week just to help folks like you get to grips with riding, and it's probably the most sensible thing you can do if you're not already being mentored by an experienced rider.

    JnrJack, if you're very new to riding, take it easy on the CB400. Yes it's a LAMS bike but you want to keep the revs down under about 6,000rpm from memory - there's lots of people here who ride or have riden the CB400 who can give you more pointers, but that sucker is one of the most powerful LAMS bikes out there so do take care.

    And welcome to riding :) Sucky time of year for it, but taking up riding is one of the best decisions I've ever made, and I hope it will be for you guys too!
  4. Re: Extreamely Unexperienced Rider

    JnrJack, Where abouts in melbourne.. im brand new as well and still playing around the local back streets.. out in chadstone.. its a steep learning curve that should never stop from what i see so far.
  5. Re: Extreamely Unexperienced Rider

    fully agree with what the_blake said, get yourselve/s down to sat morn prac sessions, theres a ton of stuff to read on here as well for learners, search the threads, if you spend a week reading before headin on the road you'd be doing yourself a favour JnrJack, if you're impatient like we all were when first riding, remeber, alot to learn, alot to take in, just go at it easy ok!! And if you drop your bike, pick the bloody thing up, get back on and go again, then post about it here so we can have a chuckle like the others did to us :) main point in all this is your safety!! REad, ask questions, as I said, a ton of info on this site, use it to your advantage.
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  6. Re: Extreamely Unexperienced Rider

    Welcome to NR :)
  7. Hi, and welcome to NR.

    Also, if you get onto the Saturday Learner Session thread, you can request someone to escort you into practice if you're feeling a little daunted. Not sure where you're from, but there's usually someone that'll put their hand up.

    Definitely - once you've practised on your back roads a bit, come down and join us. Great way to meet other riders, drool at bikes, and get some very useful tips and experience.
  8. ^ +1 What they all said, welcome to NR. Cb400 is a great bike, good choice.
  9. WElcome to NR. My gf just got the CB400 two weeks ago, went to saturday morning practice today and had a great time. That CB400 sure can boogie. We're in bentleigh if you ever want a ride.
  10. Thanks tae everyone for all the input, much appreciated.
    the blacke I have noticed the 400 has got some get up and go, and my underpants have acquired a few extra skid marks due to this. My plan is to ride the back streets of where I live ( Moonee Ponds ) until I feel used to my bike and the confidence to stay safe. After this I will adventure down to the Saturday learner lessons to gain even more tips and skills from experienced riders. And once I feel like ave taken enough time tae practice and feel good on the roads with my bike, I will give you guys a shout to go for a ride.
    Once again thanks for all advice, am glad I joined netrider.
  11. A nod's as guid as a wink tae a blind horse.
  12. Hi JnrJack and welcome to NR

    Once you are confident about getting to Saturday Practice it is a good idea. Try posting int he thread before you come and you may get people who are willing to ride in with you.

    Also until you are ready to do that don't forget to make use of the mentoring thread which is a sticky thread in the New Riders Forum. Ask for help there and if you have someone local they will probably offer to help get you up to speed so you can get to Sat practice. Don't forget to include your suburb though so people know where you are.

    Have fun on the bike.
  13. Hi JnrJack,

    Sounds like yur far am neck aw the wids ;) (originally!, Melbourne noo) I'm a noobie too 4 weeks since L's and first bike gs500. I've been down to a couple of the Sat sessions and they are great, good time to say thanks to all the other riders that make it along and sorry if I'm holding you all up when I head out onto the cones. Give me a pm if you want to catchup maybe arrange to head down to Sat session
  14. Fae ma (not far am, dis predicative no git Scottish)
  15. Go to the New Riders and Riding Tips forum - there are some EXCELLENT threads on there. I re-read them from time to time myself, even though I've been riding a while, and pick up something new or remind myself of something each time.
  16. I'm not exactly local to Moonee Ponds, but if you're feeling uncomfortable with the idea of riding down to the Sat morning prac sessions by yourself, I'm happy to detour out your way one week so you've got someone to ride in with.

    Just shoot us a PM if you like and we'll sort something out. ;)
  17. Thanks for all the advice guys, I will get my arse down to a Saturday session ASAP. Daveec: Am a Highland gadgie from Dingwall living in Moonee ponds, where yah fae? I will give yah a shout to head down to a Saturday sesh soon.
    Lugo: Thanks for the offer I will keep that in mind mate, much appreciated.
    Once again thanks for all the info and advice and offers of support. Am getting used to and better on my bike everyday.
  18. What a nice bunch of folks are here then! Does warm dae cockles o me art it do!

  19. Can anyone tell me where I can get my hands on a user manual for a 1997 Honda CB 400 ?
    Am struggling to find anything online
  20. Welcome JnrJack. You'll find heaps of great people and advice/help here :)