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Extremely Happy, passed my license today (VicRoads)

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by nightgash, Feb 5, 2007.

  1. Hello everyone,

    I am happy to say I attended HART Rider Training in Tullamarine and passed my license test today. Around 10 riders braved the sweltering heat of 38 degrees and rode CB250's around from early in the morning to do our test in very uncomfortable weather conditions.

    The test was more straight forward than the L's test and this time no written exam (YAY :LOL: ). Having passed my L's some months ago I had not even ridden on the road as I still have no bike. I had been practicing on my dads old Fantic Trials bike doing counter steering and other basic stuff. I must say it gave me a fright when I actually scraped the foot pegs and my shoes by leaning it over as I am not used to the CB250s lower peg position.

    There was one accident on the day with a person falling off while attempting an emergency stop in the actual test. I saw only part of it but I think they went to swerve but got the red light instead and pulled a handful of front brake while leaned over. The instructor said the last week they had five people out of 9 fall off in a license test.

    I passed with only 10 points deducted in total which I was very happy with and am now on my full license although restricted for 12 months! Now to buy a bike and safety gear as I just love leaning it over in the corners!!
  2. Good work on the license thing.

    Take it easy out there!
  3. Congratulations, remember the lessons of today and not the test, and enjoy those curves when you get out there :)
  4. Congrats on your licence, yeah the test is easier than the Ls test isnt it.

    Unless of coarse you try and pre empt the lights, then things can go pear shaped in a hurry.

    Hurry up and get a bike cos Its important to put into practice what you have learned.
  5. Congratulations of your licence! :woot:

    Agree with Pete.....practice, practice and more practice! :grin:
  6. Thanks everyone. The Netrider forums have helped me a lot to get organized with some very helpful information.

    I can practice the skills just it has to be on the grass not the road!

    Now I got to start saving and off I go! :moped:
  7. congrats on the licence ... now to find yourself a Kwaka ..
    Well I assume you wanted a good bike :LOL:
  8. Congrats on the licence, now the learning really begins.
    Stay safe
  9. Congrats on the licence.. and good luck with the saving!
  10. Good stuff! I remember the instructors there saying something about replacing the CB250's with CBF's?

  11. HAHA I wish. Probably once the CB250s fall apart. My CB250 only had 5000Kms on it and another I saw had even less so I don't think there is a need to change over so quickly.

    I did notice that you can now do the test on a 100cc Honda motor scooter. Before I only saw the 50cc one. My dad told me not to come home if I did my test on a 110cc postie or scooter!! :LOL:
  12. Huge Congrats on Passing your licence test

    do you go out on the road for your open licence test here in Victoria??

  13. Hi Tracey,

    Its all done now off the road on a controlled area of tarmac. Where I went at HART Tullamarine there was a large area of tarmac with cones were people ride around and practice. All of the stuff is done at low speed (20-25kms). I did get up to 40 but it was a bit fast for the course they set up.
  14. Oh ok thats interesting thanks for replying

    in the NT with METAL we had to go around different parts of Darwin to practice all the things we had learnt.

    We also had to do our emergency stops and counter steering and gutter jumps at speed in the controlled area before we went out on the road.
    our emergency stops were at 100km/h :shock:
    which was quiet scary the first time I had to do it BUT I am so glad we had to do it now :LOL:

    Congrats again on passing and hope to see you out there somewhere soon

  15. You might see me out there but I am still saving :cry:

    Stop at 100km/h? :eek:hno: We did ours at 25km/h!

    I guess it wouldn't be too bad as long as you didn't lock up the front like one person did and fell off!
  16. LOL that was part of the training
    not to snatch and stomp
    so as long as you didnt snatch and stomp you were fine
    we had to do 60km/h in the learners course.

    The instructors were brilliant and gave you so much confidence in your own ability to acheive the set goals.

    I am thinking about doing the advance with HART

    Good luck in your bike search
    I bet your really chomping at the bit to get out there now huh?

  17. Yeah the instructors were really good. I did learn a lot. It was funny that the person that did fall off and fail in the test was telling me before that the things we were doing were silly and they shouldn't have to do them on the cruiser she rides. I was shocked hearing this considering all the stuff they taught us was how to survive on the road, ie, counter steering, emergency braking, braking in corner etc.