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Extremely Depressed....bike wont start

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by blue, Mar 15, 2006.

  1. got back from yarra blvd on the speed triple and parked at my friend's place.10 minutes later got on the bike, turned the key to ON and then the ignition to ON..oil light,neutral light and the system check light came on ....thumbed the starter button and I heard a "plockk" sound from somewhere under the seat.everything went off...no lights.the engine didnt turn at all...just a sparkin sound from somewhere under the seat.
    after that even the lights wont come on when the key is in the On position.its been at the mechanic's for 2 days and I m missing it heaps,can't even sleep.I just wanna ride again.

  2. :eek: Oh man that sucks, I feel for you, I really do......riding is SSOOO much fun and I've only had my bike since last Thursday (already clocked up 800km on it too :LOL: )

    It the battery screwed? Hopefully you'll only have to get yourself a new one and you'll be back riding again, all the best :oops:
  3. yeah it sucks..I just got it 6 weeks ago.I just don't uderstand how it can happen though.everything was goin well,sounded great..started well each time..did ArthursSeat rd over the weekend, no problems at all an then.....
    just waiting for the mechanic to call.hes been a bit busy working on other bikes.
  4. anyone have any ideas as to what could be wrong with the bike?
  5. sure> Its a dud connection from the bat to the starter.
    Or to earth

    That will be $ 20 please
  6. Sounds like it might be your starter soleniod, it should look like a flasher can with two big wires and a coupla little ones into it.

    should be situated near the battery just follow the positive battery terminal along and you should find it

    use a flat tipped screwdriver and arc it accross from 1 little terminal to the big terminal on the battery side of the soleniod. if it wind over it is the soleniod :wink: :wink: :wink:
  7. thanks for the info bikie, got the bike towed to the mechanic. its been at the mechanics for 2 days now.

    thats whats got me, coz sounds like a small problem but dunno why its taking so long.......

    percrime, no probs with the $20, would you accept western union bank wire transfer???? :)
  8. can you trust the mechanicit went to just be sure that he aint rippin you off. if it takes any longer tell him you dont want him yto touch it. get it home and PM me I will have a look at it for free. Auto elec by trade
  9. ..or it could just be a blown fuse......
  10. got a feeling that the mechanic has not even had a look at it. not even a call back to say whats happenin. anyways im just gonna pay him a visit tomorrow without calling and if the bikes not been worked on, not gonna be happy. will pm you bikie if i need more help (thanks for that).
    i just miss my bike :(
  11. me too :)
  12. Nice to see Triump have changed - but then again :grin: my tip is a blown fuse also.
  13. Surely. Hell bring it over and I,.ll get it going for another 10. Bikie could be right.,. a sticking solenoid fits the symptoms as well. Tapping the solenoid with a plastic hammer is the test for that If it comes good (for a bit) thats what it was

    Bet I,m righ tho.
  14. I went thru all the fuses in the fuse box....all OK.unless there are fuses elsewhere.will update tommorow on its condition.
  15. +1 for bad battery connection and solenoid, in that order of likelyhood.

    The other thing is a wire in you right hand switch block, earthing on the bars.

    I've had the 1st and the 3rd thing happen to me a few times in the past 12 months, with exactly those symtons.
  16. Mate it won't be a fuse if you had dash lights before it refused to turn, and then no lights following that. I doubt it will be the starter solenoid also if you had no power going to the dash lights etc.

    Battery/charging system problems most likely. Could be the alternator/stator connections, the regulator/rectifier, or a dud battery/bad connection, most likely the latter.
  17. Of course, it's not impossible that your reg/rec has gone, cooking both the battery and alternator, which will end up costing serious $$ for replacement for all items. NOTE: This is the worst case scenario, I don't know if Triumphs are prone to this.

    Most likely it's a crook connection or your battery has died suddenly (they do). The PLOKK noise you mention sounds like the solenoid kicking in and out rapidly due to low voltage so I'm guessing it's not that.

    Had my Transalp develop a sudden case of nostartitis on a recent long trip. After push starting and riding another 100k's, we stopped for breakfast. I pulled the sidecover to look at the battery and it was bone dry, not a drop of water left. Much to the amazement of all and sundry, I refilled the water from my camelback, shoved it all back together and it started straight away (lucky lucky)
  18. Hey stuart. I think they do a Kat conversion for that Suzi :)
  19. update....got the bike back today.it was a loose connection which kept earthing.took him 5hrs to find it.really happy I got it back before the weekend.really sad it cost 300$ for the labour.