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Extreme sports forum

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by hornet, Aug 14, 2005.

  1. Your first post is to promote ANOTHER forum???? Give it a break, man!

  2. Agreed. Admins i say delete the user account!
  3. Not sure I would ever call that an Extreme Sports Forum, may be just a plug for the forum I reckon. Don't waste your time unless you are into dirt bikes, and there's no much there anyway.
  4. GIve it a break? it was my first post. This is the multimedia section, ie urls and links... i posted a link, why should i be deleted if thats what its for?
  5. OK K a quick tutorial in how things usually get done round here.
    New people usually introduce themselves, a bit of background, place of residence and type of bike etc. All this information is often in the sidebar, but you haven't done that.
    Usually this sort of introduction gives the rest of the forum who's on-line to say hello and welcome, and ask the usual "OH, you're from ....... so am I" sort of questions/comments.
    Let's put it this way; if you joined the local RSL and on your firsst visit started handing out adverts for the local worker's club, what do you think they would do?
    Let's try again shall we???? There's a good lad.
  6. OK,

    My name is Ken Roche,
    I live in Nymagee, NSW.
    I currently have a ktm 2004 125sx and a honda 2004 crf230.
    I race motocross, flat track and enduro at a state/ national level.
    And i couldnt be bothered starting a new thread so ill just reply instead.
  7. Fantastic, welcome the the madness of Netrider
    There's a lot of guys and girls here who ride both the dirt and the road, and you'll get heaps of opinions on both.
    hang around and enjoy it!!!
  8. Hornet that was just weird.
  9. If you knew him you wouldn't think it was weird at all!!

    *runs away and hides*