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Extreme idiots compilation

Discussion in 'Jokes and Humour' started by Ljiljan, Jan 30, 2012.

  1. Most of these I haven't seen before. Quite enjoyable, though I did feel a bit sorry for the small kid who the teenagers got to light their stuff.

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  2. I'm pretty sure some of those would have been fatal
  3. Agreed. The shallow end of end of the gene pool just got a little less crowded.

    I watched all three. Gobsmacked at the stupidity.
  4. that table jump made me cringe
  5. some of those made me cringe.. wow the things people do for fun.. idiots, also the last guy that shot himself the one who went (i just ****ing shot myself) he was on tosh.o, he was a ****wit.
  6. I'm not saying we should have a death sentence for stupidity, but maybe we should just remove all warning labels and let the problem sort itself out
  7. I liked this one too :)

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  8. Yeah liked this one better. Not sure why... :-s
  9. some of them certainly would have done some long term or permanent damage

    And what was the guy doing with the power points?

    and I'm disturbed at some of the laughter. Some people were laughing when someone was seriously phucked up.
  10. The failed wingsuit jump as well as the guy falling through the ice would be damn close. Both would be properly scary. I don't think there would be any second chances to the guy who got hit by the plane though. Poor bloke.
  11. The plane one may well have been fake. The guys with the scaffolding on the overhead wires and the guy getting blown up off the tyres would be on my short list.
  12. Proof that there is a God -- not because most (some) of them survived, but because he clearly has a sense of humour ;)
  13. I was wondering why this place has been a bit quiet lately.
  14. My favourite bit was the bit where there were girls in bikinis
  15. F**k I love you ad91on =D>
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  16. I watched it a couple of times, till I finally noticed the relevance to this thread.
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  17. Dude... The opening one with that guy getting hooked up in that metal lathe... Fock that. Just stupid. But lol at using the sportsbike to power the merry go round
  18. Best quotes

    "...you know you gunna show respect..BANG..dude my moms gonna kill me OMG"
    "...that's not f*cking good"
  19. Idiot girls at 1:30 alert.............

  20. Did... did he shoot himself in the head with a flare gun? :-s