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Extra Side Lights

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by andrewsfutura, Apr 6, 2007.

  1. You know the big harley cruisers that have the main headlight and then the two smaller "driving" lights to the left and right of the main headlight? im hust wondering if you can buy aftermarket ones of these for different model bikes? Id like a litlle bit of exra lighting for night highway riding as thats what i mainly do.

  2. Yeah there are a whole range of aftermarket lights available to suit different bikes. The challenge will be to see if there are ones to suit your model!
  3. something like this:

  4. Thanks...EXACTLY like that.
  5. Google search ,"cruiser customizing " it has all cruiser parts you would ever want.

    In the search part on their website ,put in your model and all the after market past list will come up.
    If you find out the American name for the kawi eliminator , put that in the search page ,and pictures of your bike will come up ,with the mods owners have put on ,so you can see what it's look like.
  6. These are Narva 55watt, I have replaced them with Hella FF50's which are twice as good with 200m beam.

  7. With having 55 watters did you have to upgrade the amps, wireing, battery or alternator ect due to the extra load on the electrical system? As I had the standard 15watt kaka spoties on my cruiser but the dealers/bike mechs I have talked to said it would be to much drain to upgrade them to 55's.
  8. People who know a little about nothing are quite commonly wrong about many things my friend.

    My bike has 400watts available, adding up all the things that must run or be accountable for I have enough left to run 55/100 headlight (stock 55/60) and the 2x55watt driving lights. I have upgraded my headlight harness but thats only so I can run 100 or greater high beam (have run 90/130) as the stocker holder melts with that kind of heat.

    Check what you have available, run driving lights direct from the battery via a relay and have them switched from the high beam (but you must have another switch by law to isolate them)

    Google is your friend, there must be others who have upgraded their lights on your bike.
  9. btw when I run my lights I really RUN my lights, I do 24hrs rides and ride ALL night quite often.

    What bike do you have ? I know many people and may be able to get some help.
  10. 2005 VN800 Classic.
  11. Thanks again
  12. Hey Earp - thanks for the post. I have the same make/model, and was wondering about customising as well.

    I didn't have any luck with the link, though. Looks like the thread doesn't exist any more. No Guest button, either. :(

    Does anyone know a good supplier of light bars locally? Given the choice, I would prefer to deal with the bloke around the corner instead of the bloke on the other side of the world...
  13. This lot have a range of different types of accessory mounts and lights http://adventurersworkshop.com/

    I like the GMTmoto light mounts for the GS 1150 as they can (reasonably) be adapted for various bikes and are quite simple in design.


  14. yopu say that now til you see the australian mark up, the head light bar and lights can cost you over $800 here, buy them from the states and fit them yourself and save over $400
  15. LOL - ok, I am convinced!

    Thanks for the tip.
  16. Yeah I've ordered a light bar, sissy bar and luggage rack from cruisercustomizing.com and (assuming it all makes it here intact :LOL: ) I've saved myself nearly $700 on buying the same items locally.

    Given how the Aussie dollar is at the moment compared to the US dollar, you're mad NOT to buy from the US and have them shipped here!
  17. The funny part about it is that when I order parts from the US, I get them quicker than when I order from Australia!.