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NSW Extra point for professional drivers

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by the mole, Feb 7, 2011.

  1. Does anyone know if Kennealy's promise of 13 points for professional drivers has been implemented yet? I don't need it yet but.....
    I've got taxi/hire car/bus authorities so I guess i'll get it. Might be handy for someone who is low on points to invest in a hire car authority from Dept of Transport, don't know if they check whether you have current employment or just the ticket.

  2. it has but we all get 13 points, pro drivers get 14 points but will only show 13 on the licence records, you can only use the 14th point if u get fined


    Can I apply for professional driver status at any time?

    No. You can only apply for the extra point if you have received a notice of licence suspension or you have been refused a licence renewal. This is because your status as a professional driver is only relevant when demerit point enforcement action is being taken against your licence.
  3. Flame suit ON - check.

    Professional drivers, ie truck/taxi/limo/Police/courier etc.
    Should have LESS points than the normal idiot they let out on the road.
    If youre on the road everyday your driving skill and experience should reflect this, as such you should be able to drive around within the laws. This is in line with the governments emphasis on letting idiots drive and trying to control the damage after its happened.
  4. It stands to reason the more kms you do, the more likely you are to be exposed to police activity and be pinged for the trivial and inconsequential (apart from financial) actions undertaken in normal driving.

    A bit of common sense and compassion could be good to balance out the ivory tower authoritarian bullshit we have going.
  5. No-one should get pinged for trivial and inconsequential (apart from financial) actions undertaken in normal driving. If the professional drivers need extra points because they get pinged for 'bullshit' the "bullshit" should be removed from the books..
  6. On one hand I like it because a lot of the young p platers find work doing this as a foot in the door for a industry and often they are targeted for trivial things like p plates on the inside of window, p plates not on the car etc but on the other hand a lot of professional drivers don't need the extra point and its basically just for those serial offenders who shouldn't be on the road in the first place.


    "Not drive in roundabout in direction of traffic lane arrow" does this mean we can go around the roundabout in the opposite way?

  7. No it means you can go right from the left lane even there're arrows saying you can't.
  8. It also means its one less point you lose for taking out the bike in the left lane as you decide you want to go left from the right lane..
    Most drivers havent got a clue how to handle roundabouts, so rather than train them in the right way to drive, its easier to put up with the mistakes and clean up the damage afterwards..
  9. Reminds me of living in country NSW some years ago. The council built the town's first roundabout and within a week there had been three accidents from people going anticlockwise to make a right turn!!!